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Stop Electing People Who Don’t Care If You Get Shot

This shit is never going to end. Over the weekend, there were TWO mass shootings perpetrated by white supremacists targeting people of color and nothing is going to change.

Donald Trump, your president, didn’t come out with a heavy heart ready to guarantee change. Nope, he blamed the media and ‘violent video games’. OH, and he doubled-down on immigration reform, before he went down to El-Paso strictly for a photo-op for Newspaper front pages.

stop electing people

Fuck this guy.

And now it’s business as usual in the White House. Time to turn every problem this country has into an argument about how brown immigrants caused this and why gay people are evil or whatever.

All of these elected officials, democrat or republican, are genuinely disinterested in preventing us from getting shot. Most are far more concerned about maintaining their position and some are straight up getting paid by the NRA to make sure nothing ever changes.

And every election day we drive on down to the local school and vote for the asshole that lies to us in the way we preferred to be lied to whether it’s Trump lying about ‘draining the swamp’ even though he is quite literally a walking swamp or Bernie lying about *checks notes* everything being free(??), we actively participate and reward these power-hungry megalomaniacs.

Last week there were two democratic debates with 20 candidates all saying that they’re better than Trump for six hours and I remember texting a friend halfway through the second night asking ‘why aren’t they talking about guns yet?’

Instead, the CNN moderators decided to start an argument between Kamala Harris and Joe Biden about a bussing situation that occurred 40 fucking years ago. The second time these two have had that extremely irrelevant argument in a month.

It’s not a coincidence that everyone on Twitter demands gun control after a mass shooting and then a week later, there is zero legislation to match the large population that’s demanding it.

Politicians are supposed to serve us but we have to recognize they don’t give a shit about what we want or how many of our friends and family members get slaughtered at the mall by a bald white dude that’s pissed about how awful his life is and decides to take it out at the local flea market.

Let’s also make something super mega ultra clear: no one needs a fucking gun. I don’t care if you want to ‘protect your family’ from mystery assailants at night or you’re a farmer taking on 30-50 feral hogs, no one needs a gun.

It’s honestly insane that we let people claim that America was built on guns and it’s the American way to have guns so we should never touch the great Constitution as if the people writing that Constitution weren’t writing on the backs of their black slaves that they were using as coffee tables and ottoman’s to put their feet up.

It’s safe to say times were, uh, different back in 1776. Why are we using the words of grown men in powered wigs 300 years ago to dictate how we live now. Those weirdos didn’t even have iPhones. Their opinions no longer matter.

You do not need a gun to protect your family, my guy. No one wants the $500 you keep under your mattress. Also, just lock your doors. And if no one has a gun, that would include criminals. So you wouldn’t need a gun. Get a baseball bat like everyone else and stop pretending like that gun you stroke by your bed is for anything other than to make you feel better about how little you matter.

No. One. Needs. A. Gun.

And lose the fantasy that having a gun would stop a mass shooting from occurring. By the time you realized a shooting was happening and you pulled out your weapon, there would already be a trail of dead bodies.

This may be surprising news to hear, but you’re not John fucking Wick. You’re not about to get into an epic action movie shootout with a psychopath and save the day with precise accurate shooting. You’re probably going to be terrified for your life and wildly shoot in his direction and end up killing even more people.

Plus, chances are, the shooter has already killed enough people and he plans on shooting himself anyway so you didn’t prevent anything from happening. Best case scenario: you saved the gunman a bullet he was going to use on himself. Congrats. Worst case scenario: you helped him kill more people.

NRA President, Wayne LaPierre once said “the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun”. Alllllllright, let’s all stop watching Tom Cruise movies as if they’re documentaries.

The Dayton police, trained armed law enforcement, were literally one the scene as the shooting happened but when a killer has an automatic assault rifle, it doesn’t matter how quickly you respond, he’s already fired 100 rounds within seconds.

Call me crazy but if that same psycho didn’t have a machine gun and instead had to like, use a kitchen knife, significantly fewer people would’ve lost their life.

But who cares, right? It’s AMERICAN, BABYYYY. WOOOO GUNS. A tool specifically solely crafted and designed to snatch human life isn’t as deadly as car accidents though, a tool designed to transport humans from point A to point B. [extremely Ben Shapiro nasally voice] the statistics!

Fuck off.

We are responsible for this. We allowed a white supremacist to become president and inspire a legion of needy little nerds who can’t make friends and don’t have any accountability to recognize that their personalities suck and instead choose to blame brown people just like their president does.

But let’s also not just look at racism, although the Dayton and El Paso shooters went out of their way to target nonwhites.

White men don’t just think they’re entitled to wealth but to women as well. It’s not a coincidence that none of these shooters are women. Weird horny (white) losers who believe the world should belong to them and every woman should go out of their way to sit on their face, are acting out in extremely violent ways and this has nothing to do with video games.

I suffer from mental health issues myself. (DEPRESSION GANG STAND UP). Guess how many people I’ve fantasized about shooting? Trick question: zero. Absolutely zero.

And this goes back to the government we reward for ignoring our needs.

There is so much social anxiety from student loan debt to ridiculously expensive medical bills to the rising cost of housing to scarce job opportunities and low wages to underlying pressures of settling down and creating a family and buying your own home by the time you reach some fake predetermined age like your parents did.

Yet instead of sitting down and truly figuring out solutions to these problems, congressman (who are just as worried about job opportunities as we are) do the very least to maintain their own personal homeostasis while Billy down the street—who shouts ‘nigger’ on Xbox live when he loses in Call of Duty and spends all of his internet time on a Reddit page dedicated to calling women dumb bitches because they won’t text back—goes out and legally purchases an assault rifle because we are all foolish enough to believe that ‘background checks’ are actually preventing anyone from acquiring firearms.

This was a long article. I apologize.

But we need to stop electing people who don’t care if we live or die. We need to stop electing people who are afraid to impeach a president who has raped seemingly every woman he’s been in arm’s length with. Stop electing people who think ‘thoughts and prayers’ suffices.

No one is going to save us but ourselves.

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