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Steve Mills is The Worst Executive in Sports History

Steve Mills has worked for Madison Square Garden and Knicks owner, James Dolan, since 2003 and for some strange coincidence, the Knicks have been atrocious since 2003.

In 2013, Mills was appointed the Vice President of Basketball Operations and in 2017, he would rise to President after Phil Jackson got too high and fell asleep during rookie workouts.

Let’s start the focus on 2013 when Mills took over as general manager for Glen Grunwald.

Grunwald was demoted even though the Knicks had just made the playoffs three consecutive seasons. Sure, they were bounced in the first round every year but Steve Mills would come in and make sure this team would never even sniff the playoffs again.

The first year Mills was GM, he watched the team struggle all season long and made zero moves before ultimately becoming Phil Jackson’s assistant when Jackson was hired in March. The two would join forces and the first move they made together was signing Lamar Odom: known crackhead.

The Knicks would finish the 2013-14 season with a 37-45 record.

Let’s not get into the Phil Jackson era. My little heart can’t take it.

Instead, let’s fast forward to 2017 where the Knicks hired Scott Perry to be their new general manager while simultaneously promoting Steve Mills to President for absolutely no reason.

Death. Taxes. Steve Mills getting promotions for seemingly just being James Dolan’s bro.

Steve Mills’s first move was to give Tim Hardaway Jr a 4-year/$50 million contract. Hardaway was a restricted free agent in Atlanta and Atlanta didn’t even want to keep him. The Knicks weren’t competing with anyone and still gave him a massive offer sheet. THE KNICKS DRAFTED HARDAWAY AND LET HIM GO BECAUSE HE WAS TRASH. NOTHING CHANGED. HE’S STILL TRASH.

Last season, the Knicks front office prepared themselves to sign Kevin Durant and whatever star free agent he wanted to play with. For the first time, they actually properly cleared the books and had the salary cap space for two max contracts.

In 2010, the Knicks barely had enough money for two max contracts and they immediately signed Amare Stoudemire before they even spoke to LeBron James.

This summer, it was all eyes on Kevin Durant. They traded away Kristaps Porzingis to dump Tim Hardaway Jr’s contract WHO THEY SHOULD HAVE NEVER EVEN HAD UNDER CONTRACT TO BEGIN WITH BECAUSE HE’S TRASH.

But 2019 free agency has begun. Time to reap the benefits of all this cap space. Let’s see how the Knicks did:

This is a nightmare. But I’m sure the Knicks have an explanation for what just happened with Kevin Durant, who was essentially a lock to sign with the team like, a month ago.

The Knicks really tried to play hard to get with a hot girl who is actually the hard to get one in the relationship. The Knicks are easy to get. Ask Bobby Portis. All he had to do was shoot a ‘u up?’ text.

Steve Mills has done zero things worthy of praise yet here he stands on at the beginning of July 2019 as the President of the team with the absolute worst roster in the NBA.

Give Steve Mills the death penalty.


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