Steph Curry Is Going To Hurt Himself

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Vacation vibes with my one and only šŸ˜ like dat!

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While all of his friends were playing in their little All-Star game or whatever, Steph Curry was on vacation with his wife Ayesha. Instead of enjoying the festivities of All-Star weekend in Chicago, Steph wanted to let the world know that he was sexually active.

Nothing cooler than bragging about sleeping with your wife whom you already have three children with. How romantic. Everyone can talk about the 4th quarter of that All-Star game but Steph was doing busy like, totally doing missionary quietly with the lights off.

Steph Curry only played 4 games this season before breaking his hand and being shut down for the year even though it doesn’t take 6 months to heal from a broken hand but the Golden State Warriors are tanking after Kevin Durant moved to Brooklyn in order to go to hipster bars with Kyrie Irving and Klay Thompson’s knee tore to shreds in the previous NBA Finals.

My fear is that this particular activity can’t be great for Steph’s longterm health. You can start with the amount of pressure on his broken hand. If it’s sensitive to the touch, holding up your wife should automatically send your hand back into a cast.

Love how far back he’s leaning in this picture. That’s like when you bench press with your back arched off the press because the weights are too heavy. Stand up straight and pick up Ayesha. I dare you.

Also love how red his arm looks like all the blood is rushing to his forearms as he struggles to carry his wife who looks like she is not making it easy on him here. At least wrap your legs around and hold yourself up. You know you feel your husband’s arms shaking underneath you.

Ayesha is only licking his forehead because Steph is looking down trying so hard to concentrate on not dropping her.

The Warriors need to put a clause in Steph’s contract that voids his salary if he continues trying to lift Ayesha. No skydiving. No motorcycles. No picking up your wife for Instagram Likes.

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Curry who definitely have secks.






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