Spike Lee vs. James Dolan Is The Perfect Example of Sports Media’s Bullshit

A Spike Lee James Dolan feud is brewing in New York. Ah, just the positive press this organization is desperate for.

On Monday night, the New York Knicks and the Houston Rockets went to battle. The Knicks new team president, Leon Rose, was in the building for his first ever game in charge and the team played the same way you work when you know your boss is watching you.

New York defeated the Rockets 125-123 in a dramatic finish that saw future stars Frank Ntilikina, Mitchell Robinson and RJ Barrett all show the world that the Knicks young core is far more talented than mega fired head, David Fizdale, was capable of displaying.

RJ Barrett tied his career-high with a 27-point performance including the game-winning drive on PJ Tucker’s bitch ass.

King shit.

The Knicks ended the Rockets 6-game win streak. They outrebounded Houston by 3fucking1. The future of the franchise shined with all eyes on them.

Do you know what everyone’s talking about today?

Spike Lee is mad that security made him enter through a different entrance. Ok.

Spike Lee was slightly inconvenienced and proceeded to go on First Take the next morning to shit on the franchise and create another wave of nonsense where everyone and their mothers throw out their corny unoriginal jokes about the team.

Worth noting that Spike was bothered briefly and then walked to his courtside seats and watched the same exciting game I described earlier jumping out of his seat in the 4th quarter like everyone else in the building.

The entire national conversation turned into a James Dolan dunk contest and you will never see me defending that special needs child but we also have to recognize that again, Spike chose to run to the ESPN studios to cry about not being carried to his courtside seats.

The Knicks didn’t do a greaaaat job of smoothing things over…

James Dolan is such a hollow husk of emptiness and self-hate that not only did he post a statement calling Spike’s story ‘laughable’ but this sociopath intentionally went down to Spike’s seat for a fake greeting while he asked some poor intern to run up the bleachers and snap of photo of him shaking hands.

Look at what the fuck I’m writing.


But it’s dumb ass blue check tweets like these that infuriate me. Spike Lee was an extremely important director. 20 years ago. He had a huge moment on the sidelines with Reggie Miller in a playoff series. 20 years ago.

Why are we acting like Knicks games cannot conduct the opening tip off until Spike Lee says a prayer at center court? I promise you we all respect the man for his work and would not notice if he never went to another game.

Enough of this branding nonsense. The Knicks don’t need Steve Stoute and celebrity fans. They need Julius Randle to retire suddenly and RJ Barrett to become an All-Star and draft well this summer.

We don’t have this insane conversation with any other franchise. The Orlando Magic play in an empty gym every night and lose every other game. Are the Magic forever a .500 club because they don’t have good players or because Paul Thomas Anderson isn’t sitting courtside? Who knew that the only thing keeping the Cavaliers at the bottom of the standings is the absence of David Fincher wearing a Collin Sexton jersey in the front row.

The relationship between Spike Lee and James Dolan is the least important thing in the world. This isn’t Dolan banning Charles Oakley—a former employee and a beloved Knick that bled out for this organization during the most recent successful playoff runs.

This is Spike Lee mad that it took an extra 3 minutes to get to his seats. Can we talk about the Rockets being outrebounded by 31? Frank Ntilikina’s defense on Russell Westbrook? No?

I hate sports media.







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