Soooo CC Sabathia Just Checked Into Rehab. Safe To Assume He’ll Miss the Playoffs…

CC Sabathia is an alcoholic, apparently. Which is whatever. I don’t really care. He’s decided to check into rehab to help him get through his alcoholism. Again, that’s cool or whatever. Do your thing, CC. Here’s the problem, the playoffs start tomorrow. What the FUCK is going on?

Does he owe a bookie money and is ‘checking into rehab’ as his way of throwing the game? What the fuck is going on? The season’s not over yet, guy. You’re an alcoholic. Cool. Whatever. Solve your problems after the Yankees season is done. Have a bottle of Jameson and be ready to pitch when your name is called. You’re a Cy Young winner. Stick to the formula that got you there. If that means you have to drink your face off on your off days then that’s what you’re going to have to do. The Yankees winning the World Series should be your number one priority.

This may come off as in sensitive or selfish but I think abandoning your team as soon as the playoffs starts is FAR more selfish. I’ll have a beer with you, man just get out to to mound and throw 6 innings. I swear if I have to watch Adam Warren start a single game this playoffs and I’m going to make sure the first drink you have out of rehab is alcoholic. Warren starts one game and your punch is spiked for the rest of your life, you nerd.

The Yankees will probably win the World Series regardless though so it’s all good. Do what you have to do CC.


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