Somehow Jessica Mendoza is the Biggest Asshole in MLB’s Cheating Scandal

My insides hurt writing about this MLB cheating scandal but it never ends. The 2017 Houston Astros used technology to steal signs and win the World Series. MLB commissioner, Rob Manfred, is a coward and gave them a slap on the wrist which only made matters worse because fans and players are both dissatisfied and want blood.

The report mentioned that the entire scheme was mostly player-driven yet somehow only the Astros GM and manager were punished.

Boston Red Sox manager and 2017 Astros bench manager, Alex Cora, was named in the report and is currently being investigated for the 2018 Boston Red Sox potentially cheating to steal signs as well. MLB hasn’t even had a ruling on him yet. Sure, he lost his job but again, the 2017 Astros cheated and won the ultimate prize. Two people were punished for a team-wide cheating scandal that may or may not have involved wearing Bluetooth buzzers under their jerseys but that’s a conversation for another day.

The Athletic broke the initial report that forced Major League Baseball’s hand. After years and rumors and MLB not doing anything, it took The Athletic’s work to actually drive change. But the most important person in this whole investigation is former Astros pitcher, Mike Fiers, who blew the whistle on this entire corrupt operation.

Takes a brave man to stand up to the powers that be and put his name on it.

Well, not according to ESPN Sunday Night Baseball commentator, Jessica Mendoza.

Before I scream at this fool, it’s important to take a step back. This needs to be handled delicately.

Jessica Mendoza is a woman who does commentary for men’s sports. She wakes up with sexually frustrated men hating her for no reason outside of the fact that she’s a woman in a male-dominated space.

Let’s also add that every fan base thinks they’re the victims of some unknown bias. Next time the Red Sox and the Yankees play on Sunday Night Baseball check Twitter and see Yankees fan claim that she’s biased towards Boston and Red Sox fans claim she’s a die hard Yankees fan.

People are dumb.

It’s important for me to establish that people hate her solely because she has a y chromosome.

What I’m about to say, isn’t that.

Personally, I don’t have an opinion on Jessica’s ability to call a game.

She doesn’t really add much to the game but I’d argue there are zero color commentary guys that matter. Baseball is the rare sport where all you really need is a person doing play-by-play and having someone next to them adding little comments between balls and strikes actually takes away from the experience.

I don’t put that on Jessica. It’s a job that need not exist.

Okay okay, the nice stuff is out of the way.

What are fuck is Jessica Mendoza talking about here?

Jessica Mendoza saying that Mike Fiers going public doesn’t “sit well with her” is the absolute weirdest take away from this entire cheating debacle.

When an organization is committing criminal activities, it’s the whistleblowers who stick their necks out to end the corruption. It’s NUTS to blame the whistleblower when all of the anger and disappointment should be pointed at the system and the people in power.

Imagine being mad at Deepthroat for giving the Washington Post all that info about Richard Nixon’s crimes instead of being mad at Richard Nixon for committing the crimes. It’s a complete lack of understanding of how power dynamics work.

And the difference between whistleblowing and snitching is important here. Snitching is tattling on peers and equals, typically for personal reasons.

Tekashi 6IX 9INE is a snitch because he ratted out a gang that he used to make himself popular and then ran from when he used them up and they wanted more from him.

Tekashi wasn’t a hero for ending gang violence in the streets. He told the cops because he was afraid and was concerned for his own safety. He wanted a shorter jail sentence. Not a safer Brooklyn.

Mike Fiers wasn’t looking to personally get back at Jose Altuve or AJ Hinch. He literally stuck his neck out for the game of baseball and the integrity of the sport.

Jessica Mendoza is reinforcing one of the most dangerous behaviors of keeping quiet because you’re ‘teammates’ or ‘on the same side’.

Do you realize how many atrocities cops have committed in this country over the years that went totally unpunished because none of the cops had the balls to step out and reveal the wrongdoings of their colleagues? The blue line of silence is a real thing that exists.

How many times have the military has entered foreign countries and down unspeakable things to brown people and none of the soliders say a damn thing about it because ‘duty’ and ‘brotherhood’ and all that toxic bullshit.

Have you seen A Few Good Men??!

Ironically the same antiquated ignorant overplayed masculinity that attacks Jessica Mendoza every day just spilled out of her own mouth.

It was such a farfetched take that people truly believed that she was speaking as a New York Mets employee as she is a special advisor for the team and the manager, Carlos Beltran, was the one player specifically mentioned in the report.


The Mets did not call up Jessica to do damage control for them. Have you followed the Mets over the years? They have no idea what damage control is. They were the last ones to realize that Carlos Beltran was even involved in any of this.

No, this was Jessica Mendoza just being an asshole. The Houston Astros STOLE a World Series and somehow Jessica Mendoza managed to be even worse than them. A queen. Takes a lot to be the biggest asshole in a commentary booth that includes known sociopath, Alex Rodriguez, so congrats to Jessica for that feat.




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