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*Sigh* The New York Knicks Are Going To Do Some Weird Shit At The Trade Deadline

On Monday night, I was minding my own business just quietly hating myself for spending hours of my life watching the New York Knicks and Cleveland Cavaliers play basketball in a meaningless overtime game in February when all of a sudden my timeline was flooded with the most ridiculous Knicks trade rumors I’ve seen in years.

There is no telling what the Knicks plan is at this point. They should obviously look to be sellers and bring in some draft capital in exchange for all the power forwards they signed in the offseason for no reason.

It seemed as though the Knicks intentionally signed Marcus Morris, Bobby Portis and based on his short term deal, Julius Randle, to make moves at the deadline for more young players to build from in the future and re-package in a future blockbuster trade (Looking at your dumb face, Karl-Anthony Towns).

Soooo, it’s strange to me that I continue to see reports that the Knicks have no interest in trading Marcus Morris which is odd considering if they were so in love with Morris then why would they sign him to a 1-year extremelyyyy tradeable contract?

The Knicks traded Patrick Ewing but Marcus Morris is untouchable. Ok.

Only the Knicks would pick someone up under market value, max out their usage so that their stats swell up and then give them more money and years than they truly deserve. They are quite literally running up the price of a player they want to sign.

Don’t be shocked if Marcus Morris gets a max because he’s the best shooter on a team that currently consists of no shooters. Imagine getting a raise at your job because you are the best at stapling documents when you’re the only person in the office that owns a stapler.

There’s also a rumor floating that the Knicks want to send Julius Randle to Charlotte in exchange for Terry Rozier.

The fuck?

Let’s start with the sole reason for trading Julius Randle is to get off his remaining two years and bring in an expiring contract to free up his cap space. Randle is set to make $18 million the next two years which is fine but his role as No. 1 scoring option is far too much for what he’s capable of. The man looks terrible out there more often than not.

Terry Rozier is set to make $19 million the next two years so not only would the Knicks not be freeing cap space but they’d be bringing in more money for a point guard that I’m not 100% confident is better than Elfrid Payton, the current Knicks starting point guard.

Terry Rozier makes $10 million more than Fred VanVleet and every franchise in the NBA would rather have FVV than Rozier. Well, maybe every team except for the Knicks.

All of the reports are making it seem as if the Knicks are buying at the deadline.

Should the New York Knicks trade for D’Angelo Russell?

This is complicated.

D’Angelo Russell is a one-time All-Star averaging 23.8 points a game with 6.3 assists on 38.3% shooting from the 3-point line. He is better than every guard on the Knicks currently. By far. He’s better than Terry Rozier. Obviously.

But it all depends on what you’re giving up. The Golden State Warriors want Mitch Robinson and first round draft picks.

Mitch Robinson and first round draft picks are the only good assets the Knicks have. Alongside RJ Barrett or whatever.

So if you’re giving up all of your trade chips for D’Angelo Russell, what you’re saying is that you’re down building for the future and your team is ready to compete now.

Sooo the Knicks front office thinks Russell and Julius Randle are going to burn down the Eastern Conference?

Wait, did I say this was complicated? Because it’s actually super simple. The Knicks need to sell Bobby Portis to whoever is dumb enough to give them draft picks for him. Trade Marcus Morris away. If anyone wants Reggie Bullock or Wayne Ellington, they can have them.

Acquire more young players and more draft picks. The Knicks need more lottery tickets because they are moments away from cashing in a $1 scratch-off with a $2 prize. They are settling and cutting the rebuild short if they do anything except wait for the draft and select LaMelo Ball or Cole Anthony or RJ Hampton and hope that they become true stars in this league.

But if I know the Knicks like I think I know the Knicks, they are about to give the Detroit Pistons everything for Reggie Jackson and I’m going to still be spending my Monday nights letting them abuse me like I’m Johnny Depp or something.





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