Shut The Fuck Up, Neil

34 people died in shootings over the weekend and Neil deGrasse Tyson took that as the perfect opportunity to say that mass shootings aren’t a big deal because…the flu kills people too?

Let’s make one thing clear: you cannot compare innocent people getting slaughtered to car accidents. Stop doing that shit immediately. Stop ‘thinking differently’. One death is the result of an ACCIDENT and the other is the intentional planning and murdering of unassuming people in a normally safe public location.

There is no comparison.

I don’t even totally understand the point this geek was making. Maybe now isn’t the appropriate time to be a contrarian for no reason. Fuck your statistics, NEIL.

If someone woke up on a Saturday morning, drove to the local hospital and pretended to be a doctor and killed 500 people via ‘medical errors’ then we can compare that to someone deciding to shoot a bunch of people.

Unfortunately again, we’re comparing accidents to intentional slaughters. Are we sure Neil Degrasse Tyson is smart?

New rule: when people are gunned down in the street, let’s not talk about anything outside of preventing people from being gunned down in the street. Let’s never bring up the fucking flu again.

Oh, and now seems like a good a time as any to bring up the fact that Neil Degrasse Tyson was accused of sexual misconduct. By four women. One said that Tyson raped her in 1984 when they were grad students. (There were zero consequences as Tyson was able to maintain his normal life as if he wasn’t a rapist.)

I don’t know about you guys but I don’t get into gun debates with rapists. Very specific life rule but every man has a code.

Get this man OUUUUTTT of here. Shut the fuck up, NEIL.


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