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Should The New York Knicks Hire Jason Kidd As Their Next Head Coach?

The New York Knicks stink at this. They are the absolute worst. They’ve had five head coaches in the last five years. I’ll be honest with you guys, that’s way too many coaches. Derek Fisher. Kurt Rambis. Jeff Hornacek. David Fizdale. Mike Miller. Zero playoff appearances. Awesome. This is so much fun.

But there is a new regime in charge of this team as Phil Jackson and Steve Mills have been jettison to the sun. Leon Rose has been brought in and he’s hired a supporting staff of smart adults which feels weird as a Knicks fan.

All reports are saying that Tom Thibodeau is the favorite to become the next coach which is bad and dumb and something I’ve written about to death but there are also reports that Los Angeles Lakers assistant coach, Jason Kidd, might snatch this job away from Thibodeau big fat swollen honey ham fingers.

Jason Kidd is a sociopath. Let’s start here.

In 2014, the Brooklyn Nets traded then head coach, Jason Kidd, to the Milwaukee Bucks. He coached just one season for Brooklyn before being sent to Milwaukee after attempting a coup to usurp control of basketball operations over then-GM Billy King.

“Nothing was ever good enough for Jason,” said one league source close to the situation. “He always had to be appeased on personnel, and he would play Monday morning quarterback if it didn’t work out. It was like a kid constantly asking for new toys to stay happy. … If he doesn’t get what he wants he sits in the corner and sucks his thumb and pouts until he gets it, and he doesn’t care about the consequences.”

This is the last thing the Knicks need right now. Their current GM, Scott Perry, is sort of entering a lame-duck season on the last year of his contract and new president, Leon Rose, cannot afford to be dealing with behind the scenes Game of Thrones politics derailing his first full season running the team.

An NBA player on the Jazz can leave a restaurant without tipping and the headline for the story will find a way to blame the Knicks for it. This franchise cannot afford the negative press of a bored Jason Kidd.

Oh, speaking of the horrors of a bored Jason Kidd, his wife filed for 2007 and claimed that Kidd broke her ribs and damaged her hearing from smashing her head into the center console of their car.

People change and blah blah and he played for the Knicks and led them to their last postseason appearance since that brutal and disgusting act occurred but do we not remember when Derek Fisher got his ass beat by Matt Barnes because he slept with Barnes’s wife? You’re the head coach. You’re supposed to be the leader and the adult in the room. Keep your fucking hands off women.

But let’s talk about his team in Milwaukee.

Kidd was fired halfway through the 2018 season with the Bucks after starting the 17-18 season with a 23-22 record. Kidd’s defensive philosophy was ridiculous and failed. His scheme was to essentially double team the ball-handler and the have off-ball defenders wait in the passing lanes to collect easy steals when the pressured ball-handler threw an errant pass.

The Bucks had the 25th ranked defense when he was fired. His strategy would destroy a local high school team but uh, these are professional ball players and their defense was eaten alive.

Oh, he also wasn’t speaking to Jabari Parker when he was fired. One of the biggest problems I have with Mark Jackson beside him being a terrible human is that he had feuds with players in Golden State and had the players start feuds with each other. Jason Kidd literally was at war with one of his better players.

Why is he even in the running for this job?

Jason Kidd is not a good coach which is more than evident when you see Mike Budenholzer come in after Kidd and turn Milwaukee into the best team in the NBA with mostly the same exact roster. He unlocked a level of Giannis that Jason Kidd was stifling.

Why would the Knicks hire this guy?

There are reports that the Knicks believe that hiring Kidd would increase the team’s chances of signing Giannis in free agency because the two men have a prior relationship. Being a Knicks fan is a mental illness as it doesn’t seem to matter who is in charge of making basketball decisions because they are all so bad and lazy.

A New York Knicks Jason Kidd marriage would end very similarly to Kidd’s actual marriage with lawsuits and assault and everyone losing in the end. Can’t wait.


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