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Should The New York Giants Trade Down From The No. 4 Pick?

For the first time as Giants GM, Dave Gettleman has come out and announced that he’s willing to part ways with the No. 4 pick if the right trade became available which is more than likely after the news of Alabama QB, Tua Tagovailoa, having a clean physical with no lasting injuries from college.

With Cincinnati drafting Joe Burrow and Washington drafting Chase Young, the Detroit Lions sitting at 3 and the Giants sitting at 4, are going to be flooded with trade requests as teams attempt to leapfrog each other for Tua.

Here’s the problem: no one should trust Dave Gettleman when it comes to making trades. Let’s take a quick walk down memory lane and review Gettleman’s masterclass of bullshit.


  • Giants receive: Safety Jabril Peppers, 2019 first-round pick (DT Dexter Lawrence) and 2019 third-round pick (LB Oshane Ximines)
  • Browns receive: Odell Beckham

Always smart to sign a player to a 5-year $90 million deal and then instantly trading that player thus putting your team in salary cap hell as the Giants had the 2nd highest dead space behind the Miami Dolphins—a team that was intentionally trading away stars in order to tank. (And the Giants still ended up with a higher draft pick than the team that was TANKING).

Sure, Odell had the worst season of his career last year but that has everything to do with the Cleveland Browns chaotic organization and Baker Mayfield’s regression. I don’t know how you watch Daniel Jones turning rookie receiver, Darius Slayton, into a star and not think that Odell would’ve had an All-Star season had he remained a Giant.

You don’t get credit for Freddie Kitchens being a fraud. That’s luck.

Jabril Peppers only played 11 games after struggling with a back injury. Dexter Lawrence will have a solid 10-year career for sure but again, Odell is a Hall of Famer and Dexter Lawrence will be ‘solid’.

Oshane Ximines had 4.5 sacks last season which is far more than a couple of players I’m about to shit on later in this article.

I’d call this trade a wash. Odell’s salary is off the books and the man was just skied up trying to fight local security guards at a college football game. New York media would be having a meltdown if he was still a Giant.


  • Giants receive: OL Kevin Zeitler
  • Browns receive: LB Olivier Vernon

The Giants offensive line needed help and Zeitler started 15 games at right guard. Didn’t keep Daniel Jones upright thaaat often but he was far better than the scrubs they were finding off the street prior to his arrival.

Meanwhile, Vernon continued to be an injury prone net-neutral player recording 3.5 sacks in 10 games before being cut this week prior to the 2020 draft. Yikes.

This article is not designed for me to say kind things about Dave Gettleman but uh, good trade or whatever.


  • Giants receive: LB Alec Ogletree, 2019 seventh-round pick (DT Chris Slayton)
  • Rams receive: 2018 fourth-round pick, 2018 sixth-round pick

The Giants had the WORST defenses these past two seasons and you can blame the middle linebacker, Alec Ogletree, for being the leader of the worst units in sports. He brought over a 4-year $42 million contract with him while he was incapable of stopping the run and was a ghost in pass coverage.

Ogletree was cut this week and man, what a fucking awful trade.


  • Giants receive: 2019 fourth-round pick (traded), 2020 seventh-round pick
  • Saints receive: CB Eli Apple


Eli Apple was a straight up asshole and this trade was necessary, I reckon but it’s tough watching Apple make plays for the Saints in the playoffs the last two seasons. Although it’s equally hilarious to see Apple get burned in the playoffs as well.

But it’s not so great when you realize that 4th round pick was packaged in a deal to acquire DeAndre Baker, the worst cornerback in the NFL last season. Is this a wash too? Shitty corner for shitty corner.

And I’d be remiss to not mention the worst trade in NFL history.

  • Giants receive: DL Leonard Williams
  • Jets receive: 2020 third-round pick, 2021 fifth-round pick (that becomes 2021 fourth-round pick if Williams re-signs with Giants before start of 2020 league year)

*sigh* okay. Do I need to explain why it makes absolutely no sense to trade for a player who is about to be a free agent when you are having a losing season and that player will do absolutely nothing except rid of you high third and fifth round picks.

Leonard Williams walked into the Giants locker room with zero sacks and walked out with zero sacks and is about to get the biggest contract he does not deserve for the sole purpose of Gettleman saving face. A respect Williams’s scam but if this is Gettleman’s most recent trade then no, I do not trust this clown with the ability to get value from the No. 4 pick.

So should the Giants trade the No. 4 draft pick?

Fuck no.

Isaiah Simmons is a monster playmaker who can line up from every position on the field. He can rush off the edge and he can shut down the opposing team’s tight end in pass coverage. There is nothing he doesn’t do well.

If the Giants can’t draft Chase Young then Simmons is the easy choice here. Do not trade down. If you didn’t trade down in 2018 when you selected Saquon Barkley No. 2 overall for no reason then you don’t start trading down now when there’s a potential Hall of Famer waiting to transform your rancid defense.

Don’t fuck this up, David.













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