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Should The New York Giants Sign Colin Kaepernick?

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has come out and said that he encourages NFL teams to sign Colin Kaepernick as suddenly racists who thought that the shitty American flag was far more important to them than black people are now all about kneeling during the National Anthem and want Kaepernick back.

Interesting how that works.

Kaepernick was blackballed from the league is such a convincing way that the NFL had to pay him millions of dollars in a settlement because they joined forces to take away his livelihood simply due to the fact that he didn’t want the cops to kill black people anymore and white people were annoyed that this negro was bothering him with his black people problems.

But we don’t need to revisit this. We all know what happened and we all know that its hip and cool to be pro-Black Lives Matter now whether you truly believe in the cause or not. We got Drew Brees out here apologizing for loving the flag where 4 years ago he would’ve been put on the $5 bill for his quotes about the troops.

NFL coaches have already come out and made some bullshit comments. Pete Carroll said he regrets not signing Colin Kaepernick in 2017 which is absurd nonsense. The Seahawks didn’t sign Kap because he refused to say he wouldn’t kneel for the anthem so they lied and said he wouldn’t ‘fit their system’ even though out of every QB in the NFL, Kaepernick’s game most resembles Russell Wilson’s and you wouldn’t have to change any of the playbook.

Do you know who the Seattle Seahawks backup quarterback is right now? Exactly. If you are so troubled by regrets then why aren’t you signing him today?

The most logical choice is the San Diego Chargers who currently have a black head coach and a black quarterback that people were in my mentions shouting to me about how bad he was and how the Bills were smart for benching him for Nathan Peterman—the worst quarterback ever.

Weird how everyone was so loud about Tyrod Taylor being a bum a few years ago and now they think he’s a solid starter and Colin Kaepernick has no place on the roster.

Here is what Anthony Lynn said about signing Kaepernick this week:

“I haven’t spoken with Colin, not sure where he’s at as far as in his career, what he wants to do. But Colin definitely fits the style of quarterback for the system that we’re going to be running. I’m very confident and happy with the three quarterbacks that I have, but you can never have too many people waiting on the runway.”

He’s a great QB but I have three quarterbacks that I like better. Two of whom have thrown exactly zero NFL passes and the other is Tyrod Taylor, a backup QB. Ok.

So let’s assume that the NFL is truly ready to bring Colin Kaepernick back and not just providing lip service to a political climate that is rewarding people for pretending to be ‘allies’ to a movement they’ve never been particularly interested in but recognize that their money is dependent on pretending as if they care.

So should the New York Giants sign Colin Kaepernick?

Daniel Jones’s current backup is Colt McCoy who hasn’t played since 2018 before snapping his leg in solidarity with his then-teammate, Alex Smith. McCoy has started 7 games in the last 8 seasons with 5 touchdowns and 7 interceptions with a 1-6 record.

If Kaepernick has come to terms with the fact that he’ll most likely only get a job as a backup, he’s far better than Colt McCoy. Like, it’s not even close.

A lot of anti-Kap arguments are centered around the idea that he hasn’t thrown a pass in an NFL game since 2016 and I was on that train for a while until I remembered how that is the case for every single backup quarterback on a roster today.

Alex Tanney was the Giants QB2 last season. He threw exactly one (1) pass all season long. Prior to that, he had not thrown a pass since 2015. Four year gap between games. Much like Colin Kaepernick. Interesting. Are we to believe that Kap is incapable of being a backup and can’t throw one pass this season if need be?

The real benefit of getting Colin into the quarterback room with a developing Daniel Jones is his experience. Colt McCoy has been in the league for a decade and he seems like a good dude or whatever but he’s had no success here. I don’t want losers in Jones’s ear.

Kaepernick’s been to a Super Bowl. He frequently walked into Lambeau Field and dominated like the Packers belonged to him. I obviously have no idea if Kaepernick is a good teacher but I want Jones going to him if he has questions as opposed to Alex Tanney.

Yes, bring in Kaepernick. Both he and Jones can scramble so you can have the same playbook of play action bootlegs. You can run option plays with he and Saquon Barkley and a 1-year deal does not put any pressure on Daniel Jones as if his job is being taken.

This is going to be a hot take but Colin Kaepernick is better than Alex Tanney. THERE, I said it.



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