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Should DC Bring Back Jared Leto’s Joker For Future Batman Movies?

I’ve said it before and I’ll never stop saying it. Suicide Squad is the worst movie I’ve ever seen. I’m still not certain if it was actually a movie or just a trailer for a really bad music video. Either way, it made me both physically and emotionally sick. I think I spent the next immediate 24 hours after watching it, in bed recovering.

I’m not going to get into all of the poisons that came together to form the worst venom of a movie ever but I want to focus on how awful The Joker was in this movie. First, The Joker being a pile of garbage was not Jared Leto’s fault. That should be said immediately.

Do I think it was super weird and unnecessary for Leto to send rats and used condoms to the rest of the cast while they were filming? Yes, I will never condone rat deliveries. I’m drawing my boundaries right there.

Here’s a quick reminder of how strange The Joker and Harley Quinn were.

I hate that we had to watch that. I feel sick too but let’s move forward. Harley Quinn was a therapist an hour ago, how is she doing motorcycle tricks on the highway. I guess love makes you do peculiar things. Jared Leto took some big swings here and I’m very curious how it would play in a better film alongside Batman.

Part of me thinks his odd vague Latino gangbanger vibe would not at all work next to Ben Affleck. The other part of me knows that the dichotomy between Leto’s character and Affleck’s character would make for an amazing scene or even a full length feature.

I’m conflicted.

Let’s look at what DC has planned for Gotham City in the future. Matt Reeves has recently signed up to direct the Batman solo movie after Ben Affleck stepped down. Pussy. The director of the worst movie of all time, Suicide Squad, David Ayers has signed up to direct Gotham City Sirens starring Harley Quinn, Catwoman and Poison Ivy. And finally, DC has announced a Nightwing movie.

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It has already been reported that Deathstroke will be the villain in the Batman standalone film. I don’t know what that story line will be at all but Suicide Squad showed us what goes wrong when you don’t make The Joker the main villain and just have him randomly edited into your film for no reason. The Joker is an all or nothing type antagonist.

David Ayers has proved that he has no idea what the fuck to do with The Joker. I’m not even sure why he’s allowed to direct Harley Quinn again. I feel like he should be banned from movies for at least a decade. If anyone else was directing, I’d be totally down to pit The Joker against Catwoman and Poison Ivy. But not David Ayers. He’s dead to me.

So perhaps he should be Nightwing’s foe. Personally, I think the villain of the Nightwing movie should have been Deathstroke and the Batman movie could have literally picked anyone else but I will pretend for a second that DC has a ‘plan’ (they do not).

I don’t think the character of Dick Grayson aka Nightwing can bring the firepower standing next to The Joker. After seeing The Dark Knight, a Nightwing vs. Joker movie would seem so less than. The stakes would just appear smaller. Batman’s former sidekick vs. Jared Leto wearing grills and laughing like an asshole. No thanks.

Should DC bring back Jared Leto’s Joker for future Batman movies?


Heath Ledger put the stamp on all Batman vs. Joker sequences and Jared Leto doesn’t stand a chance. I think the only way you bring Joker and Batman together one on one again is if you adapt The Killing Joke comic book into a live action film.

The Killing Joke is essentially an origin story for The Joker in which he captures Commissioner Gordon and tries to give him the worst day of his life to see if he can break him and turn him into a villain.

jared leto's joker killing joke

But I think if you tell that story, you’d have to bring in a completely different actor. Jared Leto made some strange choices like having ‘Ha ha’ tattooed all over his body. The fuck was that?

BUT, I do think Jared Leto’s joker deserves a second chance, just not in Gotham City. There are thousands of other heroes in the DC catalog. What if he showed up in to terrorize Metropolis one wild afternoon. Watching him verses Zach Snyder’s sad Superman would be amazing.

Jared Leto should get another sing buuuut I would not be surprised or saddened if I heard he was retiring his role. Life would go and the world would keep spinning. “I’m goona hurt ya really, really bad” was still the coolest moment I’ve seen in a trailer in awhile. In a movie, no, it didn’t work at all. But again, great trailer moment.






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