Shohei Ohtani Was Told He Needed Tommy John Surgery If He Wanted To Pitch Again and Then Proceed To Hit TWO Home Runs Like, An Hour Later

What Happened?


*eyeball emoji*

I have NO idea if the Angels are handling Shohei Ohtani correctly this season. Every time they get bad news about an Ohtani pitching injury, they then send him out there to hit and anytime a ball makes contact with his bat, it ends up in the bleachers.

That would you think to yourself that maybe the Angels should just make Ohtani their designated hitter and stop trying to send him out there on the mound but then you look at his stats and see that he’s 4-2 on the year with a 3.31 ERA in 10 starts with 63 strikeouts. If given a full season of about 35 starts, Ohtani could and probably would walk away with a Cy Young Award.

Apparently Shohei doesn’t need an elbow to hit bombs. The first reaction is that the Angels should shut down Ohtani and get this Tommy John surgery done but nope, You could tie an arm behind Ohtani’s back and he’d lay a one-handed bunt down and the ball would land in the parking lot somehow.

Ohtani now has 18 home runs and 47 RBIs while batting .287 in his first year in the majors. At only 24-years old, I suggest he get the Tommy John surgery and return to pitching as a young man while he can still throw a fast in the upper 90’s.

But who cares what I think?

You think the Angels are running this kid into the ground and next thing you know he wins an MVP Award. Do whatever you want Anaheim. You win. Pay Albert Pujols a bajillion dollars for the next decade. Send out Ohtani with no elbows. It’s your world. There are no rules for you.




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