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Shane McMahon Was in a Helicopter Crash, Obviously Walked Away Unscathed

A small helicopter carrying the WWE’s Shane McMahon, son of company owner, Vince McMahon, and one other person, had to be rescued on Wednesday after it landed in the Atlantic Ocean.

According to WABC in New York, McMahon’s helicopter departed Westchester County Airport, when at some point, a commercial flight heading to Kennedy Airport heard the emergency call, and relayed it to controllers at a FAA radar facility.

The helicopter landed in the water off of Gilgo Beach and two lifeguards raced out in kayaks to retrieve McMahon and the pilot. The aircraft “went down pretty hard,” one of the lifeguards, Don Dobby told Newsday. “We saw a big splash.”

McMahon, though, a guy accustomed to big falls, was “very calm” when rescuers arrived, the other lifeguard, Zak Viverito, said.



No one is better than taking a bump than Shane McMahon. Whether he’s in a WWF wrestling ring or he’s in a helicopter simply traveling across the Atlantic Ocean, Shane is always down to fall from an unusual height and just walk away with no physical damage.

Shane McMahon became the greatest professional wrestler of all time the night of Wrestlemania when he jumped off of a cage through a table for literally no reason. There’s a solid chance that Shane cannot die.

How many helicopter crashes do you think you can survive? Zero? Yea, well Shane McMahon can fall out of the sky and just walk home after like it’s no big deal. What if god was one of us? Now we now.



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