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Scott Perry Is Returning As Knicks GM Which Tells Us Everything We Need To Know About Leon Rose

It is being reported that the New York Knicks will be retaining the services of current GM, Scott Perry. The new president of basketball operations, Leon Rose, has made his first major decision and it was pretty much a non-decision.

Here is what Leon Rose said on his brilliant lack of a decision:

“Scott is a well-respected basketball executive who I have known for more than 20 years, and I look forward to continuing to work closely with him as we look to build a winning team in New York,

For context, Scott Perry has a 67-163 record as the Knicks GM. Almost 100 games below .500. He will be coming back next season.

You never see this happen. The former president, Steve Mills, hired Scott Perry and the two of them combined to have the worst record in the NBA last season. Steve Mills was fired (15 years too late) and the new president decided to keep the old president’s hire.

Bold move for Leon Rose to do…nothing. This must’ve kept him up all night.

It had already been reported that Scott Perry would be in charge of the Knicks 2020 draft so this move isn’t surprising but what has Perry done as general manager to be gifted another season? Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving left all of his texts on read before he proceeded to sign 29 power forwards.

After winning 17 games last season, Scott Perry decided to fill the team full of veterans to rob their young assets of playing time and his roster building paid off as the Knicks currently have 21 wins.

4 game improvement all thanks to Taj Gibson playing more minutes than Mitchell Robinson. Who knows where this team would be if Reggie Bullock and Mo Harkless weren’t standing on Allonzo Trier’s neck?

The Knicks will most likely have another Top 5 pick in a draft that isn’t as obvious as 2019. Of course you take RJ Barrett with the No. 3 pick. But what about a year where no one stands out above the rest and you actually have to—dare I say—scout and evaluate?

Do you want to know why Leon Rose is really keeping Scott Perry?

Because it’s easy.  Because another year of failure doesn’t affect Rose. He can put all the blame on Scott Perry and the Steve Mills regime and get a whole new year to actually start.

Hiring a new GM would mean he’d have to actually meet and review new candidates. He’d have to be able to articulate his vision for the team and find someone who matches that vision the closest. He’d have to actually do his fucking job.

Instead, keep Scott Perry around because you already have a prior relationship with him so you don’t need to put any effort into a brand new relationship.

So welcome to the Leon Rose era. He’s already scamming. Scott Perry is 100 games below .500 and got another season because by extension, it means Rose gets another season after he points the finger at Perry for sucking when we all knew he sucked already.

Leon Rose is going to pull a Phil Jackson just stealing paychecks from special needs Coronavirus stuffed James Dolan and us Knicks fans get to eat shit for another half decade. Yay.




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