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Schools Are Cancelling Games Against LaMelo Ball’s New High School Team

What Happened?

La Lumiere High School in Indiana was scheduled to play SPIRE on Tuesday, but the school issued a statement saying it cancelled the game due to Ball’s professional experience.

“We aim to put together as competitive a schedule as possible for our team, but we have never played against a team whose roster included any players who have played at the professional level,” the statement reads, according to Reuters. “With the recent news that someone who has played professionally intends to play for SPIRE Academy, we are not comfortable moving forward with our game slated for next Tuesday against SPIRE.”

Virginia’s Oak Hill Academy and New Jersey’s St. Benedict’s Prep have also removed games against SPIRE from their schedules, according to Courtney Shaw and Derek Forrest of ABC News 5.



The youngest ball brother just cannot catch a break. First, he gets his UCLA scholarship taken away because his dad created his own shoe company and started selling LaMelo Ball sneakers and the NCAA doesn’t allow ‘student-athletes’ to profit off their name.

Then he got pulled out of high school and dragged to a war-torn nation to play basketball with middle-aged men who speak an entirely different language than him. Now, he’s finally back in the states, playing for one of the premier high school basketball programs anddd¬†opposing teams are dropping like flies because his team is too stacked.

I get that LaMelo Ball isn’t the most sympathetic figure with his father, Lavar, rubbing everyone and their mothers the wrong way. His cocky ‘I’m going to shoot from anywhere on the court even though I’m not necessarily that great of a shooter’ basketball style also doesn’t really garner our compassion.

But this kid is 17 years old and just wants to make it to the league. He’s had no control over where he gets to play and he’s been dragged around the world with no structure in his life. He finally found a place to ball for his senior year and teams won’t play against him for bullshit reasons.

Let. LaMelo. Ball.



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