San Francisco Giants Told Hotels Not To Serve Pablo Sandoval

Soo Pablo Sandoval is fat as shit. He entered Spring Training this year looking the fatest he’s ever looked. Then he lost the starting third base position in Boston to Travis Shaw because he was so obese. THEN his¬†belt exploded in the middle of an at-bat. The man is just a cow.

Now apparently is it being reported that while a member of the San Francisco Giants, team officials literally didn’t allow him to eat.

[su_quote cite=”TheScore” url=”″]”This is how concerned the Giants were when he played for them,” saidCSN’s Sean McAdam in a radio interview. “They would make special arrangements at the hotel the Giants were staying in to not allow him to order room service. “They would tell the front desk management, ‘If he calls down for room service at night after games, do not send anything to this room.'”[/su_quote]

This is amazing. How to train your dragon shit. If any Boston fans are wondering why Pablo Sandoval’s production completely fell on when he put on a Red Sox jersey, it’s because there’s no one in the organization slapping food out of his mouth.

Hopefully, Boston can learn from this and hire a guy who’s sole purpose is fat shame Pablo back into a .300 hitter. Until then, all you can eat food service on the road.

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