Sam Darnold Will Stay in College If Cleveland Browns Get First Overall Draft Pick

Depending on how the 2018 NFL draft order shakes out, USC quarterback Sam Darnold could return to school next year for his junior season.

Per NFL Network’s Albert Breer (via Nick Camino of WTAM 1100 in Cleveland), Darnold is going to wait and see which teams are picking in the top two spots next April before deciding if he will leave the Trojans. If the Browns are in the top two, he may head back to USC.

(Bleacher Report)

Sam Darnold came into the 2017 college football season as the clear number one overall draft pick and one of the best quarterbacks we’ve seen in awhile. A true franchise quarterback in the making. Buuuut now he’s having an awful year and he should probably stay at USC regardless of whether or not Cleveland gets the top pick.

It looks like the New York Giants are busting their ass to lose every game so here’s the problem with Sam Darnold staying in college. The Giants need Saquon Barkley. He’s a once in a generation talent running in the backfield.

If Darnold stays in college then that means that the Browns or some other terrible team can snatch up Barkley before the Giants. I’m going to need this Sam kid who clearly cuts his own hair, to leave college, Lester Lee style.

His stock will only diminish if he stays at USC for one more year and scouts realize he isn’t Carson Palmer and he’s more like John David Booty.

Also, lol at the Cleveland Browns.




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