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Sam Darnold Sucks, Who Could’ve Seen This Coming?

Oh no, the New York Jets have lost back-to-back games and Sam Darnold looks like garbage. What a shame. What a damn shame. It’s almost as if he had one good football game and then suddenly everyone and their mothers named him the best quarterback in Jets history and now, he looks like Mark Sanchez back. Geno Smith SZN.

After the Monday night Week 1 win against the Detroit Lions, I heard sooooo much nonsense about the New York Giants regretting not drafting Darnold. Laugh out loud. Saquon Barkley has thrown 0 interceptions this season. Darnold, however, has thrown 5.

I’m okay with the Giants decision.

It’s not a great look for Sam Darnold when Baker Mayfield steps onto the field in the second quarter unexpectedly¬†and outplays the shit out of him. Baker looked like a 10-year vet and Darnold could only complete screen passes.

There is a lot of blaming the offensive coordinator for calling all of those screen passes but Darnold was 6-for-8 for 63 yards on screen passes. He was 9-for-23 for 106 yards and 2 interceptions on all other pass attempts.

Of course the Jets called all those screen passes. Darnold couldn’t make any other throws.

Darnold turned the ball over wayyy too much when he was playing at USC and he’s brought that skillset straight to the NFL. Shocking. It’s tough to win games when your quarterback is rocketing footballs into the opponent’s arms.

Next week is the real test for Darnold as the Jets play against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

That might be a career-ending game. For everyone who thought starting Darnold as a rookie was a no-brainer, why? What does Darnold gain from being the first quarterback to lose against the Cleveland Browns in 635 days besides having his self-esteem shredded?

We might have ourselves a David Carr in Houston situation where you throw a rookie to the wolves and their career is destroyed before it even starts. Jalen Ramsey is going to get his stats up playing against Darnold. All you can eat interceptions. EVERBODY EATS.

Now I should mention, I’m not actually rooting for Darnold to fail.

The NFL absolutely stinks when there’s bad quarterback play. Did you watch that Browns/Jets game before Baker was out there? I wish all 32 teams had a Patrick Mahomes chucking 6 touchdowns a game. I want 50 point games, every game.

I want Sam Darnold to be great. I’m also pointing out that at this present date, Sam Darnold sucks. 15-for-31 for 169 yards and 2 interceptions are Joey Harrington-esque numbers. Remember Joey Harrington? Good times.

Sam Darnold sucks and you just haaaate to see it.




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