Russell Wilson Hit More Home Runs At Batting Practice Than Gary Sanchez

Russell Wilson’s childhood visions became a reality Monday as he reported to the New York Yankees’ spring training facility and donned the pinstripes for the first time.

The Super Bowl-winning Seattle Seahawks quarterback will be spending the next five days with the Yankees after a trade last week that sent him from the Texas Rangers to New York.

Perhaps the highlight of Wilson’s arrival came when Yankees batting practice Group 2 took center stage. Wilson joined Yankees sluggers Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez and Greg Bird for a few rounds of live hitting. Unofficially, Stanton paced the group with 15 total home runs, while Judge had 10 and Bird had eight. Wilson got on the home run leaderboard, too, eclipsing Sanchez by one with six long balls.


So, Russell Wilson needs to be the opening day second baseman for the New York Yankees, right? Tyer Wade is cool or whatever but the Yankees need to be doing whatever it takes to persuade Wilson from playing football to follow his dreams of playing for the New York Yankees.

I’d be shocked if Brian Cashman doesn’t have his arm around Wilson right now trying to convince him that CTE is going to cut his life short. Come play baseball, man. Come play a non-impact sport and mash home runs with Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton. You’re home now, Russell.

Everyone and their mothers want Gleyber Torres to be the starting second baseman for this team. The Yankees sent Starlin Castro to purgatory in order to open up that roster spot for Torres but he isn’t ready yet.

Sure, his ceiling is a potential .330 hitter but if we’re really getting into the nitty-gritty of management, in order to have Torres under a cheap rookie contract for one more additional season, Gleyber has to be on the roster for less than 172 days therefore, Torres needs to sit in the minors for the first 16 days of the season to delay his arbitration in the future.

That was nerdy financial shit but essentially, it’s cheaper for the Yankees to delay Torres’s debut.

In the meantime, let’s run out Russell Wilson for those first 16 games to hit a bajillion homers and then fine, he can go win a Super Bowl with the Seatle Seahawks or whatever. But those first 16 days the Yankees get Wilson hitting more bombs than Gary Sanchez.

Also real quick, I genuinely believe that Gary Sanchez could be the best hitter in this stacked lineup and I can’t have these takes if my man is hitting fewer homers than the smallest quarterback in the NFL who hasn’t played baseball since college. You’re making me look bad, GARY.





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