Roy Halladay Comes Out of the CLOUDS to Talk Shit About Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens

Roy Halladay was the best pitcher in the last decade. That’s just facts. No one was as dominant as Halladay for as many years. Halladay was an Ace from the second he got called up to the big leagues to the day he retired. A seemingly quiet and humble guy off the mound. You never really heard any stories about Halladay doing or saying anything offensive.

Welllll Roy Halladay just came out of the fucking woodwork to drop the hammer on guys who juiced.

Roy, get the fuck out of here. I am completely ridding myself of anyone who doesn’t think Barry Bonds should be in the Hall of Fame. He’s the greatest player in Major League Baseball history, with or without steroids. Every single player had the same opportunity to juice (and most did). I don’t want to hear that Bonds is some despicable guy because he could punch a baseball to the moon. That just makes him a damn great run producer.

But I didn’t want to get into why the steroid hate is foolish. This is about Roy Halladay being a little nerd. “When you use PEDs you admit your not good enough to compete fairly.” Uck. GAY.

I hate the goody-goody ‘fair competition’ nonsense. It’s foolish to assume that every professional baseball player is out there to ‘compete’. Some guys like Barry Bonds, aren’t out there to compete against you. Some guys are out there to break records and sign bajillion dollar paychecks while they do it. Take that competition bullshit back to your little league coach.

If I was a professional athlete I’d be bursting at the seams with HGH. Head to toe roided out. Wouldn’t be a day that goes by where I wasn’t furiously researching new ways to turn myself into a physical juggernaut. Here’s the thing about the content creation/media publishing game: Very few tits. Imagine how many tits I’d see if I was the biggest sports star on the planet? All. I’d see all of the tits.

Kind of sidetracked there but point is, Roy Halladay is lame as fuck.


Sidenote: Roy Halladay crying about Clemens is suuuuccchhhh a Toronto Blue Jays thing to do. It’s so Toronto it hurts. I hate the Blue Jays more than anything and it’s shit like this that keeps that hate strong.


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