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9 Reasons Why Game of Thrones Season 7 Was The Worst Season Ever

5. Reunions on Reunions on Reunions

Game of Thrones Season 7 quickly became fan fiction with the number of reunions piling up. It’s like the showrunners spent a weekend on Reddit reading nonsense like ‘well what if Jon Snow and Jorah finally met so they can talk about Jorah’s dad even though prior to that moment Jorah had literally zero relationship with his dad on screen’.

Yay, Theon and Jon back together again. Just like no one wanted. But before I continue to shit on the reunions, I should point out that I genuinely enjoyed seeing the Lannisters back together again. Jaime and Cersei haven’t been happy and humping since the premiere. Jaime and Tyrion also have wonderful scenes together and I think Cersei and Tyrion’s moment together in the finale might be the best scene of the year. Get Len Headley’s Emmy ready, STAT.

But you also had Gendry and Davos reuniting like the son we all forget he actually had in season 2. Also, the family Davos has back home. Was I supposed to give a shit seeing The Hound and The Mountain back together and not fighting? (I didn’t).


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