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Quinnen Williams Always Keeps That Thang on Him

22-year old budding star interior defensive lineman, Quinnen Williams, was just trying to take his GUN through LaGuardia Airport when all of a sudden TSA got super uptight and didn’t let him onto a plane with a GUN. What has American become? Snowflakes everywhere.

Great, now Williams might face criminal charges because he couldn’t walk onto an airplane with a firearm.

I wasn’t a huge fan of Quinnen personally. He seemed like a massive geek and everyone who puts on those Jets jerseys underachieves. Figured he’d be decent for a season and a half and then disappear like the great Jets defensive linemen before him. Shout out Muhammad Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson and Dave Gettleman’s special little boy, Leonard Williams. NFL history will not remember their existence.

Quinnen Williams had a decent rookie campaign. He played in 13 games and record 2.5 sacks. Stats don’t jump off the screen but 28 tackles for a nose guard is decent for someone with braces, I reckon.

Totally understand why someone in the military might travel with a gun. Soldiers are re-stationed to different areas all over the country all of the time and they don’t get Army helicopter Ubers to pick them up in their driveways so they have to pack their guns onto commercial plans. Sure.

But someone explain to me why Quinnen Williams had to stay strapped? Not to get all the way into my ‘no one needs a fucking gun‘ bag but no one needs a fucking gun. Williams is 6-foot-3 303 pounds. The hell are you protecting yourself from?

I don’t ever want to be stepping into that security check conveyor belt thing where we have to remove our shoes and laptops out of our bags and see a motherfucker pull out a gun. I know Quinnen was arrested for not having a permit but again, the idea of bringing the burner onto a plane is insane, permit or not.

Maybe leave your guns at home and don’t bring them to the most crowded public buildings in the country. Maybe.

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