Put Some Respect on Angelina Jolie’s Name

On Sunday night, Brad Pitt won the super prestigious

Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role. He used his speech to work on his tight five to prep for his late-night stand up debut with Johnny Carson.

The camera panned to Jennifer Aniston infinity times throughout his speech and all night there were new photos of Brad and Jennifer hanging out again which is like Viagra for celebrity gossip fiends. Oh my god, they TOUCHED.

The two Aryans were married for five years before Brad met the queen, Angelina Jolie, on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and the rest was history.

Unfortunately, their marriage ended brutally and for some reason, we’ve all focused on poor single Brad. Aw. He even made a joke about having a Tinder. Lololololol get it??? Because he destroyed his marriage but he’s hot.

This is the joke that really bugged me:

“It was a difficult part, a guy who takes his shirt off, gets high and doesn’t get on with his wife. It was a big stretch, big.”

This is really cute and all but did we all collectively forget that Angelina Jolie divorced this guy because he was an addict who was abusive to their children and was out here banging Russian prostitutes? The North Remembers.

So haha you get high and don’t get along with your wife haha. I’m not totally sure how funny that is after reading the report that you tried to beat up her son on a plane, my g.

Here’s what’s alleged – shortly after the plane took off, Brad and Angelina began arguing and Maddox jumped up to verbally defend his mom. We’re told Brad then lunged at the boy and Angelina jumped in between them to block her husband. Brad connected in some fashion with his son.

But haha you’re on Tinder.

Angelina filed for divorce in 2016 and didn’t star in a movie again until Maleficent 2 in 2019. She took a three year hiatus from her career while Brad Pitt has continued to work steadily.

So it’s a weird visual when he’s surrounded by his peers all celebrating him and laughing at his jokes when the butt of his jokes is Angelina Jolie, a woman who should without a doubt be sitting in that same room but isn’t because the turmoil of her divorce put a pause on her acting career.

Am I the only one bothered by this nonsense?

Now, I totally understand that their relationship didn’t form in the most wholesome manner and people still feel a type of way about it.

Wanting Brad and Jennifer back together is fine and normal and fine. I also recognize that the beginning of Jolie’s career was weird and never forget that homegirl used to wear vials of blood around her neck and had gross very public makeout sessions with Billy Bob Thornton often. She comes with some baggage. I can acknowledge that.

But Brad and Angelina were together for six years, longer than Brad and Jennifer were together. Angelina has spent most of her mature adult life just like, saving the world. Basically dedicated her life to helping refugees across the globe.

Put. Some. Respect. On. Angelina Jolie’s name. ASAP.

We can enjoy seeing Brad Pitt act and still find him charming(ish) without having to dunk on Angelina Jolie as she takes care of all the children that Brad left behind. I feel like I’m already on a high horse here but maybe praise mothers more than drunk weekend dads maybe(?)

Also Angelina is better looking than Jennifer. Don’t @ me.





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