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Power Ranking The Top 7 Quarterback Prospects Heading Into 2018 NFL Draft

The New York Giants have the second overall draft pick this year which means for the first time in over a decade, I have to actually pay attention to what’s going on and with Eli Manning looking like a shell of his former self, it’s time to look at the next generation of quarterback prospects coming into the league.

I don’t really think there’s a stud in this field. There isn’t an Aaron Rodgers that’s going to reshape the NFL forever. There’s a bunch of Andy Daltons out there but the Cleveland Browns would kill for an Andy Dalton.

But here are the power rankings for the top 7 quarterback prospects heading into the 2018 NFL Draft:

7. Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield is a two-time walk on for a reason. Yes, is the Heisman trophy winner but I believe he is currently hitting his head on his ceiling. This is the best Baker Mayfield we will ever see and it’s all downhill from here. He is Johnny Manziel without the drug addiction and wife beating…yet.

Having said all of that, I reallyyy hope this kid ends up wearing a Jets jersey and battling with Christian Hackenberg to decide who will lead the team to a winless season. Josh McCown is cool or whatever but the city needs Baker Mayfield getting ejected for bumping a referee after they call him for intentional grounding.


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