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Power Ranking The 7 Best Movies Coming To Netflix December 2018

I haven’t written a list previewing Netflix’s arriving movies in a few months now but Netflix is more focused on shoving their ‘originals’ down your throat than they are actually providing quality classic movies.

But that’s a conversation about the streaming wars for another article. Let’s talk about the best movies coming to Netflix this month that I will be watching instead of returning your texts.


Here are the 7 best movies coming to Netflix December 2018:


7. Reindeer Games

Reindeer Games is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen which says a lot about the quality of movies that Netflix has available to stream considering I’m currently saying Reindeer Games is Top 7. It’s the perfect combination of bad acting, bad plot and bad writing.

When Ben Affleck is in a bad movie it’s BAD. Reindeer Games has so much intentional comedy, all of which include Affleck attempting to be a tough guy. Honestly, the second you put a gun in his hands, it’s worthy of a laugh out loud.

Shout out Charlize Theron though. This wasn’t your fault.

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