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Power Ranking 8 Potential New York Giants Head Coach Candidates

The New York Giants need a head coach. I mean, it would be a pretty cool experiment if the Giants went into the season without a head coach. Let the players lead themselves. Actually, I’m all in on that. I’m going to delete this articles and keep it moving.

Here’s a little peak behind the curtain. As much as I would love the Giants to roll into next year without a coach, I actually wrote this entire article already so now I have no choice but to keep it. Sucks but like, here’s more free amazing content for you guys.

Honorable mention: Bill Cowher

Bill Cowher is one of the greatest head coaches in NFL history and he obviously still has that fire as he jumps off the top rope to destroy a table. He’s itching to drag Odell Beckham through the mud by his facemask.

7. Bill Belichick

Apparently everyone in New England hates each other. New England Patriots owner, Bob Kraft, and Tom Brady have become best friends. They stuffed Jimmy Garoppolo in lockers and took his lunch money while Belichick was actively trying to replace Brady with Garoppolo. It’s also been made extremely clear that working for the Giants is Belichick’s dream job.

He’s the greatest coach in NFL history. The reason why he’s so low on this list is that the Giants would have to trade draft picks in order to get Belichick as he is still under contract in New England so it would make no sense to gut the whole future of the franchise to get a 70-old man who doesn’t have many years coaching left in him.


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