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Chick Addicted to Plastic Surgery Gets Her Jaw Broken To Look More Like a Comic Book Character

A plastic surgery addict who wants to look like a real-life superhero has undergone a painful jaw operation to give her a pointed chin just like a comic book character.

Pixee Fox travelled to Seoul, South Korea, for the dangerous procedure, which saw doctors break, shave and reset her jaw bone in order to transform the shape of her face.

The 27-year-old is creating a series of books around her own superhero character that she hopes will one day take on the multi-million dollar Wonder Woman franchise.

She said: ‘I wanted to do the V-line and bone surgery to achieve a more symmetric and have a jawline that looked more like a super-hero. The jaw surgery will make my face look smaller which will make my eyes appear bigger.

‘Now I am turning my life into a story where I am the superhero, it is fantasy and fiction but based on me as a person.’



Pixee Fox went to South Korea to find a doctor who was careless enough to break her jaw for her so that she can look like a super hero in order for her to write about herself being a super hero. Well, nothing out of the ordinary here. Let’s keep it moving.

I actually respect her for suffering for her art. Sure, she can be like every comic book writer ever and just create characters without having to look in the mirror but her book is going to be more real. Imagine how much better those original Wonder Woman comics would’ve been if the author looked exactly like Diana Prince instead of being a middle aged man.

I honestly don’t think anyone would read anything Pixee Fox wrote if she kept her round face. If you don’t have a pointed chin then just put the pen down now. No one gives a shit about what you have to say.

pixee fox

Totally worth it.




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