Philadelphia Eagles Name Carson Wentz Week 1 Starting Quarterback #PrayForPhilly

Carson Wentz will be the Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback sooo the Eagles will be going 0-16 this season. Sam Bradford has been traded to Minnesota and Chase Daniel is Chase Daniel so it looks like the rookie is the best choice. Yikes.

How bad does the NFC East look right now? Tony Romo broke his back so the Cowboys don’t matter this season. Kirk Cousins is Kirk Cousins so that sucks for Washington. And now Carson Wentz takes over in Philly. These quarterbacks make Eli Manning look like Peyton Manning.

Apparently Chase Daniel is pissed that he’s not the starting QB for the Eagles. The team literally had to choose between investing in their 1st round draft pick that they traded up to select orrr a guy who I would describe as ‘eh’.

The New York Giants are going to run through the NFC East and I cannot wait. The Road to the Super Bowl starts Sunday against Dallas. So you all on gameday.


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