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Phil Jackson Might Coach New York Knicks Home Games Next Season

I think Phil Jackson has put a pretty decent team on the floor every night. It’s not one of the best rosters and there are for sure holes out there but in his short span as team president, he’s certainly taken the team in a better direction. I’d 1000% rather have Jose Calderon out there tripping over his own feet than see Tony Douglas playing 30 minutes a game.

Having said that, Jackson’s biggest mistakes seem to be hiring coaches. He is the clear example of when nepotism goes wrong as he only seems to want to hire guys from his old coaching tree. Derek Fisher is a creepy bag of trash and Kurt Rambis might one of the worst coaches in NBA history. Kurt Rambis makes Isiah Thomas look like Phil Jackson.

Well, it seems like Phil Jackson is ready to step down from his random 10th row seat and take this team by the reigns.

“There’s even talk Jackson could offer to coach home games next season, with Rambis coaching the road games,” Shelburne reported Monday. “It’s an offer the late Lakers owner Jerry Buss once flatly rejected, but it could be an interesting compromise to hiring Rambis as the head coach next season.”Bleacher Report

I want/need this to happen. Not only will the Knicks go undefeated at home next season but Kurt Rambis will go down as the biggest cuckold in the history of sports. It would officially make him the least respected man on planet Earth, if he’s not already accomplished that yet.



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