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Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss End Their Engagement Because True Love Isn’t Real

I’m heartbroken. If these crazy kids can’t find love then what chance do I have? I was living vicariously through the Phil Jackson Jeanie Buss love story. The hippie falling in love with the bosses daughter. I think that was a Disney Channel movie too.

Now that I got that ‘I feel bad’ nonsense out of the way, this is huuuuge news for the Knicks. With Jeanie Boobs out of the way, maybe Phil Jackson will watch his first Knicks game this season. With all the distractions gone, maybe he’ll actually scout talent.

This is amazing timing. Perhaps the Knicks will actually make a good move at the trade deadline now that Jackson isn’t in a private jet getting blown by Jeanie. Welp, looks like the Knicks are going to the finals this season.

Or this could just mean that Jackson is 1000% opting out of his contract now so he can move back to California where he can smoke weed legally while Jeanie sits on his face all weekend. Yup, Phil Jackson is leaving. Fuck.




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