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Phil Jackson Fell Asleep During a Top Draft Prospect’s Workout

Fuck Phil Jackson. In the past 24 hours, Phil Jackson has managed to alienate every single New York Knicks fan. After shopping around Kristaps Porzingis, the single greatest Knicks prospect since Patrick Ewing, there is now a report that Jackson is just falling asleep during workouts.

I know exactly what Phil Jackson is up to. When I’m ready to leave a job but I don’t want to just quit, I always act like an asshole until they are forced to fire me. Phil Jackson had his marriage ruined because he left LA. He doesn’t get to smoke that sticky icky in New York. He’s straight up tired.

Now, I’m not defending him. There’s still a solid 60% chance he just decides to trade Kristaps for a dimebag and a diet pepsi. Let’s see who he drafts tonight. Personally, if Malik Monk falls to the 8th spot then he should be drafted immediately. Don’t even let time tick from the clock. You draft Monk ASAGDFP. Monk is the next great shooter in the NBA.

But knowing Phil, he’s most likely be asleep when the Knicks are on the clock and we’ll have to forfeit when time runs out. Fuck Phil Jackson.




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