One Sketch Last Night Proved Exactly Why Saturday Night Live Isn’t Funny Anymore

Last night, Saturday Night Live returned for its 45th season right on the heels of a potential impeachment of the president so naturally, they wheeled out Alec Baldwin’s dusty ass for a cold open ‘mocking’ Trump.

It wasn’t funny.

But there was no bigger indication of Saturday Night Live’s lack of comedy than their sketch ‘Inside The Beltway’, a parody of a CNBC political panel show discussing the impeachment news.

Very simple premise here. Aidy Bryant, Cecily Strong and Woody Harrelson are optimistic that Trump will finally suffer consequences for the crimes he’s committed while the one black pundit is dismissive of their hope with a brief ‘ain’t nothing gonna happen’ retort.

Not funny.

On paper, it’s a fine premise. Problem is, SNL did this same joke already post-election. A room full of white people were sobbing after Trump beat Hillary Clinton but Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle knew it would happen and weren’t surprised.

Fast forward 3 years into the asshole’s presidency and the whole ‘black people know that Trump is a monster and that’s why he’s so popular’ joke isn’t funny. It’s not some sharp insight on American culture that SNL stumbled upon. It’s a known truth at this point. It’s not clever.

The fact that minorities are the only ones that recognize that this president’s corruption will never have any negative consequences was funny in 2016 but now it’s just sad and disappointing.

As you can notice, there is very muted laughter throughout. The whole flashback bit does nothing except reinforce how sad all of this shit is.

It’s not funny that they quickly changed clothes and put on fake mustaches during clips of Trump bragging about grabbing women by the pussy.

It simply serves as a constant reminder that we are powerless against a regime that not only gets away with doing whatever they want but will most likely be rewarded for it with a second term.

The biggest laugh this sketch receives is what bugs me the most.

In the final flashback gag, some poor over-eager wardrobe woman accidentally walks into the scene before being shooed off by Aidy Bryant in a panic resulting in the cast to break character and laugh out loud with the audience.

HAHAAHAHAHAHAH it’s HILARIOUS that our government is failing us on a daily basis as all of our ‘leaders’ are more focused on maintaining the status quo than they are concerned about holding each other accountable for their atrocious actions and there’s nothing we as American people can do about it because whoever we elect is exclusively looking out for themselves.

Just 4 or 5 months ago, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, went on a press run urging Democrats to become more centrist and that impeachment would only aid Donald Trump as it would rally his base to come out in droves to re-elect him.

That is some real sucker shit.

The president committed crimes but we can’t do anything about it because it might lead to him winning another election instead of impeaching him and just running a strong democratic campaign against him.

So what’s changed? Why is Nancy Pelosi suddenly ready to impeach?

Perhaps it has something to do with these old ass lazy Democrats putting all of their eggs in an old ass Joe Biden basket that is slowly crashing and burning after several debate appearances that proved Biden’s brain is melting and he no longer knows where he is.

Joe Biden is plummeting in polls as Elizabeth Warren soars as a new favorite.

But Warren isn’t the centrist that Pelosi earlier claimed the Democrats needed which means instead of everyone in the party going all in and supporting Warren, they’ve basically given up on the idea of winning this election and are now saying ‘fuck it, we might as well impeach because he’s going to win the presidency regardless’.

There’s something extremely troubling that all we can do is hope that enough people who voted for Trump can now see how awful he is while doing no legwork to ensure that occurs.

But you wouldn’t get that from watching Saturday Night Live.

Nope, all of Trump’s trash is kinda funny on SNL. Trump does an insane rally where he promises to oppress more people or that God chose him or some other dictator comments and SNL just sends a car to Alec Baldwin’s house so he can word-for-word repeat what Trump said earlier that week.

Brilliant comedy. Hope they steal more Emmys.

No punchlines. No commentary on why Trump is wrong or the dangers of his comments. Just a repeat of his comments as if to say ‘haha, this guy is so strange, right?’.

Fuck that.

We’re past the stage where we point and laugh at Covfefe tweets.

We need to put the microscope on the Democratic leaders who are sitting idly by allowing this to happen. The candidates that are running for president because they feel like people want them to run for president *cough* Beto *cough*. The debate moderators who don’t call out candidates on their lies and the wild hypocrisy of these candidates dedicating their entire careers attempting to send everyone to prison who now suddenly want criminal justice reform.

Saturday Night Live is lazy, outdated and straight up doesn’t understand the gravity of the politics that they’re incapable of properly dissecting. They are normalizing the behavior of a mad man which makes sense considering that Lorne Michaels and Trump are friends. Old rich white guys looking out for old rich white guys. America’s longest running TV series.

But the wardrobe woman made a mistake hahahahaha. Donald Trump asked The Ukraine to dig up dirt on a political opponent in exchange for military support but hahahaha she didn’t know she was on TV.

Saturday Night Live isn’t funny.

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