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Olivia Munn is Officially Single

Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers have split.

“They have amicably ended their relationship of three years,” a source close to the situation confirms to PEOPLE exclusively. The source says the couple “remains close friends and wish nothing but the best for each other moving forward.”



This is good news for literally everyone. There isn’t a single downside to this story. Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers breaking up is the best thing that has happened in 2017 thus far. Allow me to explain why.

If you’re a Green Bay Packers fan then Aaron Rodgers is going to win you a Super Bowl this season. Like, that’s not even a matter of if anymore. It’s a fact. Aaron’s lame ass brother Jordan said that Aaron doesn’t really fuck with the rest of the family. He lives in Wisconsin and only cares about football.

Well now the only distraction he has from football is long gone. He is already the best quarterback in the NFL. He is going to separate himself from the rest of the competition in a god-like fashion. #PrayFortheNFL.

On the flip side, this is huge news for Olivia Munn fans. I guarantee now that she’s single, we are going to see her star in a new HBO series and we’re going to 1000% going to get some Munn nipples. There is no longer anything stopping here from releasing the girls.

2017 just became the best year ever. Remember this day. The day the Earth changed for the better.




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