Okay Kirsten Gillibrand, You Can Beat It Now

Everyone and their mothers are running for president on the Democratic side. Everyone. As of today, there 253 democrats filed to run for president right now.

I’d argue, that’s too many.

Like Hillary Clinton before her, Gillibrand is a New York politician who is easily one of the more qualified candidates running. In any other election season, she’d be the face of the Democrats.

Unfortunately for her, we live in a post-Trump world in which the pendulum swung so far in the direction of stupidy and trolling and bullshit (and crime) that the pendulum has now swung hard in the other direction where people are searching for the perfect candidate.

That’s where you have people like Beto O’Rourke emerge as a candidate.

Beto is a man who is nowhere near as qualified as Gillibrand but he is the most anti-Trump which is another of way saying he’s the most like Barack Obama.

Barack Obama ran on hope and change and never needed any receipt to prove or explain what the hell he actually planned to do once he was in office.

Fast forward to 2019 and Kirsten Gillibrand can’t even get an invite to the primary debates. See, in order to receive that precious television debate invite, a candidate needs 65,000 individual donors to their campaign.

Which means now, Gillibrand is out here begging for literal one dollar bills from donors in order to make that 65,000 donor mark.

Here’s a speech she gave at a recent campaign event:

“For anyone here, if you like what you’ve heard tonight, I want to earn my place on the debate stage. I can’t do it unless you send a dollar—literally, really,” Gillibrand says, shaking her head as though to acknowledge the oddity of this request. “The measure is for anyone who wants to be on the debate stage, you need to get 65,000 individual supporters. So please go to and just send a dollar. It will help me get to the debate stage.”

Hey, Kirsten. Quit. Yesterday.

Now, I should stop here and say that I met Kirsten once and she was dope as hell. One of the few politicians out there that comes off as a real human instead of a robot manufactured in a lab to campaign about fixing the economy only to raise poor people’s taxes more and make the rich richer.

I have no problems with her or her beliefs.

No, the problem here lies with the fact that there are over 200 democrats running and they are all diluting their messages.

Unless you’re Liz Warren or Bernie Sanders or Kamala Harris who have come out and given full detailed plans and strategies to fix the country, you just become part of the same white noise.

Beto O’Rourke can stand on as many tables and shout about ‘change’ all he wants but we gave Barack 8 years and the middle class continues to vanish. Being charming and ‘presidential’ ain’t it anymore.

If you’re reading this right now, can you truly distinguish the differences between Cory Booker’s campaign and Gillibrand’s? What separates Kirsten from Joe Biden or Pete Buttigieg?

Everyone. Doesn’t. Need. To. Run. For. President.

Legislation isn’t determined by who gets to sit in the Oval Office. It’s the House and the Senate that dictates the laws and who joins the Supreme Court and how we live our day-to-day lives.

We need more people winning seats in the House. We need more Senators.

I respect the hell out of Kirsten Gillibrand for wanting to be president. Who the hell am I to tell someone to maintain their status quo. Everyone should dream of being the CEO and not some low level supervisor.

But sadly, not everyone can be president.

This isn’t the year for you, Kirsten. If you truly care about making people’s lives better than you have to sacrifice and let other people make that presidential run.

Maybe in 4-8 years you can campaign with like, an actual gameplan so that you’re not begging for $1 last minute because you either weren’t aware of the rules or misjudged the fact that every single human on Earth would also be running for the same position.


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