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Oh No, James Harden…Don’t Do This…

James Harden came in second place in the MVP voting this past season and instead of upping Giannis, he chose to make the laziest comments on why he believes he didn’t win the award…

“I had a (season) for the books, but it’s out of my control,” Harden told 97.9 The Box (h/t ESPN). “Once the media creates that narrative about one person for the beginning of the year, I think they just run with that narrative until the end of the year.” (Source)


This is so unbelievably corny.

‘Something happened that I didn’t like and instead of taking accountability for my own part in it, I will blame the dreaded media for plotting behind the scenes to take me down because I’m special and bad things should never happen to me’.

Last season, Harden went off. He won the 2017-18 MVP Award and somehow came back the following season even better. The highlight of his year was the streak of 32 consecutive games scoring 30 points or more which is the second longest streak of all time behind just Wilt Chamberlain.

Whenever your name starts to pop up next to Chamberlain’s, you know you’re putting up some insane NBA 2K easy mode statistics (or you’re having sex with EVERYONE).

The entire Houston Rockets offense lived and died by Harden isoing at the top of the key. The team literally died that way with Chris Paul complaining about it and being shipped off in an empty crate in the middle of the night like Tyrion Lannister sneaking out of King’s Landing.

Here’s the problem: Giannis was better.

There was no preconceived plan to give Giannis the MVP award in the summer before any basketball was even played. You cannot have an MVP award in your house while complaining about a conspiracy around the award because you’re inadvertently saying that you didn’t actually earn yours either. Your name was picked out of a hat by shadowy Illuminati members meeting in a Ramada conference room with the door labeled ‘The Media’.

Giannis averaged 27.4 ppg, 12.6 rpg, 6 apg and was a finalist for Defensive Player of the Year. So not only was he one of the most dominant scorers and rebounders in the league but he was also the best perimeter defender.

The Milwaukee Bucks were also the No.1 seed in the Eastern Conference and had a historically great point differential as they won almost all of their games by double digits.

The best player on the objectively best team in the NBA won the MVP award. What are you doing, James Harden?

New rule: stop blaming the media for your own personal shortcomings.

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