Notorious Cunt, Hope Solo, Thinks She Was Released From Team USA Because She Wanted Equal Py

In a direct-to-camera interview sometime after her meeting with Ellis and Flynn, Solo says she believes U.S. Soccer’s decision had more to do with her role in contentious collective bargaining agreement negotiations and a lawsuit she helped file against the federation alleging gender discrimination.

Literally 17 years on this team and then to be treated this way in the end is, (pause), not surprising from U.S. Soccer, to be honest,” she said. “… I feel like I’m being pushed out ‘cause it can’t be based off performance, my health. It can’t be based off anything but they don’t like me … because they know I’ve been fighting so hard for equal pay.”

“They’re going to use my comments as an excuse to get rid of me forever so that they don’t have to deal with such a strong voice and opposition to field conditions and playing conditions and pay,” she added. “I think I’m just a thorn in their side and it’s time for them to cut their losses.”

(Fox Sports)

When Hope Solo was first cut from the women’s national team, I explained all of the reasons why she’s a cunt. This statement on why she thinks she was released from the team trumps all of those previous reasons.

What a spin zone. Actually, maybe Hope isn’t a cunt. She is a sociopath who doesn’t live in the same universe as the rest of us. For years, Hope has been one of the worst humans walking this planet. She was cut from the team because she lost a shootout to Sweden and called them cowards after. She was cut because she’s not the best anymore. She was cut because she’s a cunt.

No one on Earth even knew Hope Solo was an advocate for equal pay. She’s a ‘thorn on their side’ because she won’t stop shitting on teammates, hitting family members and making Team USA apologize for her actions.




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