No You Are Wrong, Ben Simmons Does Not Need To Shoot

There is this growing list of Ben Simmons criticizers who believe that the Philadelphia 76ers success is completely dependent on Ben Simmons spacing the floor with jump shooting.

Here’s what Sixers head coach, Brett Brown, had to say about Simmons’s shooting:

Even the coach is in his ear trying to change his game along with the Twitter trolls and Fox Sports One analysts.

Ben Simmons has only taken 42 shots outside of 10-feet this season. Oh no. The Sixers must be struggling to get into the playoffs because Simmons is choosing to only take high percentage shots at the rim.

Wait, what’s that? The 76ers are currently 25-14 and they’re just 2 games out of first place in the Eastern Conference? Hm. Interesting. Based off the way people assess Simmons’s game, you’d think he was the worst player on the team.

First of all, Simmons is surrounded by shooters. JJ Redick, Jimmy Butler, Joel Embiid and Wilson Chandler can all score from the perimeter. It’s not like everyone is jammed into the paint and then Simmons comes sprinting in over the top to try and dunk on five defenders. He can freely drive and dish to anyone standing on the 3-point line.

Earlier this week Ben Simmons fucked around and took a 20-foot jumper. He missed. Are you guys happy now? Did Simmons open the floor enough for you guys? Did the sky open up and the hand of Zeus pick the Sixers up and drop them into Game 4 of the NBA Finals with a 3-0 lead in the series?

Oh no? You mean to tell me that instead, Simmons just missed a contested low-percentage jumper that he had no business taking and just wasted a possession for absolutely no reason? Oh okay.

There is a misconception that if Ben Simmons started chucking 3’s then he would suddenly make the defense lose their minds trying to run out and contest him.

The problem is, he doesn’t know how to shoot. So chucking up 3’s wouldn’t change the way the defense covers him if he’s still missing them. No one is closing out to him if he’s bricking balls of the side of the backboard.

Draymond Green is wide open around the perimeter whether he takes the shot or not. It isn’t helping the Warriors spacing. It’s just wasting a possession.

You know what Ben Simmons needs to work on? His ball handling skills and his low post moves. Every time he sprints down the court with a full head of steam, whenever a defender steps up to challenge him at the free throw line extended, he losses control of his dribble and has to quickly pass it behind him before he catches a traveling violation.

And for someone who’s nearly 7-feet tall, his shooting from 3-10 feet is only 43% which needs to be improved. How about he works on scoring close at the rim before he randomly throws up 3’s that will miss for the sake of ‘floor spacing’.




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