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Nick Foles Update: Still The Absolute Worst Quarterback in the NFL

You’re not supposed to evaluate players based off their preseason performances or whatever but I’d say what Nick Foles did in the Philadelphia Eagles Week 3 loss to the Cleveland Browns is an absolute exception to that rule.

Foles had a pretty decent game with 2 interceptions, 1 fumble lost and a safety. 3 turnovers and taking a knee in the end zone like Kaepernick during the pregame. He made the Cleveland Browns look like the 2003 Tampa Bay Buccaneers out there and if you’ve been watching Hard Knocks on HBO then you know that they are very much the 2018 Cleveland Browns.

Eagles head coach, Doug Pederson, was feeling a type of way about Foles after his sucking:

We all know that Nick Foles is garbage and it’s wonderful to see that last night, Doug Pederson just realized this known fact except this year, it appears as though the Eagles want Nick Foles to start the season as Carson Wentz ices his knee some more.

Enter Christian Hackenberg, who was signed by the Eagles two weeks ago and played a grand total of zero minutes last night. Makes sense. Saving their Weapon X for gameday. Don’t want the other 31 teams in the NFL to get any game tape of Hackenberg as he’s never actually played in a game before. Genius.

The Philadelphia Eagles are going back to the Super Bowl to beat Tom Brady again and it’ll all be thanks to the gawd, Christian Hackenberg.

Also, Nick Foles is trash.





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