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NFL Week 4 Power Rankings: The New England Patriots Are Dead and Baker Mayfield Has Risen

Three weeks of NFL football later and everyone’s predictions are wrong. Well, unless you knew that the team that went out and acquired every superstar player by somehow ignoring the salary cap would ya know, be great but otherwise, it’s madness out here. Madness.

Here are the nfl week 4 power rankings for ya ass:

32. Arizona Cardinals 0-3

The Arizona Cardinals have played two games this season. They have 571 total yards of offense in three games thus far which is dead last in the NFL. For comparison sake, Ryan Fitzpatrick has personally thrown for 1,230 yards which is more than twice as many yards as the Cardinals have as a team. Laugh out loud.

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The best part of Sunday’s action was when the Cardinals randomly sent out their rookie 1st round draft pick, Josh Rosen, with about 4 minutes left in a 2 point game against Khalil Mack and were like ‘okay, you’ve never played an NFL game before…GO WIN’.

Yooo, the Cardinals STINK.


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