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NFL Week 13 Power Rankings: Mike McCarthy is on Borrowed Time and Hue Jackson is a Cuck

Week 13 NFL Power Rankings are hot off the presses and we’ve got some coaches sitting on the hottest of hot seats while Sean McVay sits on his freezing cold throne in the heart of the California wildfires.

Some teams are cutting players that beat women and some teams are pretending to do their own ‘investigations’ in a garbage excuse to choose talent over human decency. Insert some comparison to Colin Kaepernick’s situation for headline clicks.

Here are the Week 13 NFL Power Rankings:


32. Washington Redskins 6-5

We can shit on Washington for continuing to name their football team a racial slur against Native Americans. We can shit on Washington for continuing to support their running back who beats his son bloody and who even recently said that he STILLS beats his son’s lights out.

But Washington continues to make us forget about their previous nonsense by adding new shiny garbage on top as they’ve now claimed Reuben Foster off waivers even though Foster has been arrested TWICE for beating up his girlfriend.

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There are so many practice squad and undrafted players thirsty for an opportunity to play professional ball and Reuben Foster slaps his girl’s face off and gets second and third chances. Guess what’s going to happen *dramatic pause* he’s going to hit her again and then sign a lucrative contract.

Fuck Washington.


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