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New York Yankees Don’t Need Luis Severino, They Already Have an Ace

Severino who?

Before the Yankees game against the Twins on Sunday afternoon, it was reported that Luis Severino won’t be back until after the All-Star Break. He is suffering from a lat injury that doesn’t appear to be getting close to healing which normally, would be a problem.

Fortunately for the Yankees, they don’t even need Luis Severino this season. He would be the sprinkles on top of the cake but they already have their ace and he pitched later that day. That man is the cake, the frosting and the plate that cake is served on.

The New York Yankees beat the Minnesota Twins 4-1 on a rainy Sunday thanks to Domingo German pitching 6 2/3 innings allowing only one run on 4 hits with 7 strikeouts.

German has 39 strikeouts in 38 innings. Opposing batters are hitting .158 against him and his 2.35 ERA is 4th in the American League. He’s tied with the major league lead racking up 6 wins on the season.

Domingo has dominated batters with that devastating curveball that he’s thrown 34% of the time, more frequently than his fastball. Batters are 5-for-40 with 19 strikeouts against that curveball.

Severino who?

Now that James Paxton is hitting the 10-day IL, it’s entirely up to German to lead this pitching staff. If the season ended today, Domingo German would start their inevitable Wild Card play-in game and based off everything he’s done this season, he’d win that game comfortably.

Let’s just hope German can remain at this peak level of performance or if Severino will find a way to tip German’s pitchers from the dugout. You might start hearing ‘HE’S GONNA THROW A CURVE’ from the guy wearing a sling. There is nothing Severino loves more than giving batter’s the upperhand.

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