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New York Mets Front Office Openly Admits That They Are Lining Their Pockets With All of Their Injured Players Insurance Money and Not Reinvesting It Back Into The Team

If you’ve ever been curious as to why the New York Mets constantly have the most team injuries year after year it’s because the Wilpon’s want their players on the disabled list and in surgery rooms and in walking boots so that they can collect that sweet sweet insurance money and instead of using that money to help fix their roster, they are using it to pay back all that money they still owe Bernie Madoff or whatever.

There are 29 baseball teams trying to win games and then there are the Mets hiring doctors and trainers off of Craiglist hoping that their players suffer injuries so that they can buy a new house in the Hamptons next summer.

I am 1000% convinced that Jeff Wilpon gave Noah Syndergaard Hand, Foot and Mouth disease like Shug Knight gave Eazy-E HIV back in the 90’s. Never forget.

David Wright hasn’t played since 2016 so for 2 years, the Mets have been hoarding 75% of his salary and have used none of that money to improve the roster as the team is 43-57 and currently battling with the Miami Marlins for last place in the NL East which is embarrassing considering that Derek Jeter is openly trying to lose and traded away any player with talent in exchange for like, bottle caps and a Hulu account.

I suppose this isn’t technically a ‘scam’ because the players on this team are actually hurt. It just helps when you hire a doctor who dropped out of middle school but no worries, he was left back in 7th grade so he got to take biology class twice. Yoenis Cespedes might have a career-altering injury that the Mets doctors kind of shrugged about and seemed like they didn’t even realize that his legs were in pain.

I see you, Jeff Wilpon.

Cash rules everything around me. Oh, does Travis D’Arnaud need Tommy John surgery? Guess that means Jeff Wilpon is stuck with 75% of his salary for the season. What a terrible inconvenience for him. I guess he’ll HAVE to buy that second yacht. He has no choice now.






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