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The New York Mets Are Going To Ruin Dellin Betances

After a tragic 2019 season where he only recorded two outs due to a mysterious shoulder injury that kept him out for a majority of the year before he finally returned and then instantly tore his achilles, Dellin Betances is staying in New York but heading to Queens to play for the New York Mets.


Dellin Betances was one of the best relievers in baseball dating back to 2011. He was the first relief pitcher to strikeout 100 batters in five consecutive seasons. As a Yankee, he had a 2.36 ERA, 1.04 WHIP and 621 Ks. Since 2014, Betances ranked third in WAR among relief pitchers behind only Aroldis Chapman and Kenley Jansen.

Absolute monster.

Buuuut arms like his don’t last forever. It would have been tough for the Yankees to invest long term in a guy that had bone spurs in his shoulder and was in a walking boot for months. Thank u, next.

Unfortunately for Betances, he’s going to the New York Mets, land of the broken relief pitchers.

Last June, the Mets bullpen blew 6 leads. Last September they blew a 6-run lead thus ending all of their playoff momentum and essentially killed their season completely.

Edwin Diaz led the league with 57 saves in 2018 playing for the Seattle Mariners. He finished 18th in MVP voting (which is a hilarious way to waste an MVP vote). Then he got traded to the Mets alongside Robinson Cano and dropped to just 26 saves last season.

Diaz’s ERA jumped from 1.96 to 5.59. He was a human tee.

Now the Mets are throwing 10 million at a 30+ year old 6-foot-8 pitcher coming off a torn achilles. What could possibly go wrong?

It is impossible to trust Mets GM, Brodie Van Wagenen, who is just a gross former agent whose entire career consists of tricking people. He’s the Wolf of Flushing wasting money on risky flyers like Michael Wacha and Rick Porcello and now Betances.

They still have an awful defense that will once again prevent Jacob deGrom from recording wins because every time a batter makes contact, the Mets defense throws the ball into the concession stands.

Let us all remember Dellin Betances as he was, in pinstripes, before the Mets blew out his arm and dramatically ended his career in a meaningless game in May against the Miami Marlins because the GM told the manager to keep him in for the fourth inning in a row even though his shoulder is out of its socket.

Thoughts and Prayers to Betances.

Also fuck Carlos Beltran and all Houston Astros.

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