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New York Knicks Sign Mario Hezonja To 1-Year $6.5 Million Deal So Will They Beat The Golden State Warriors in 5 Games or a Sweep?

What Happened?

Here’s what Mario had to say about joining the greatest franchise in all of sports:

“The entire year I heard from Knicks fans, and I kind of grew into it every day,’’ Hezonja said at a press conference Tuesday at UNLV before the Knicks faced the Lakers. “Nothing else you can tell me to convince me I wasn’t going to New York. I wanted this.”

“The opportunity to be in front of the best fans in the world, the best arena in the world, the best everything the world,’’ Hezonja added regarding why he rejected a two-year offer from the Blazers.

(NY Post)


The New York Knicks desperately need a guy on the roster like Mario Hezonja. A cocky asshole who can shoot from anywhere, isn’t afraid of anyone in the league and young enough to develop with guys like Kevin Knox and Frank Ntilikina. The Croation Sensation and overall Sauce Gawd might cross you up one night and hit a buzzer beater 3-pointer in your face the next.

Mario Hezonja has yet to have the success he had playing in Europe where he was the 2013 Rising Star. In 2014 his team won the championship but he was also playing in Orlando. Outside of Dwight Howard, list off all the young talent that Orlando has developed. I wouldn’t be shocked if Elfrid Payton wasn’t in the NBA in two years.

This is what Super Mario had to say after getting drafted before he played a single NBA game:


“Respect? No, I never had respect to anybody on a basketball court,” Hezonja told Sportando. “I heard about, ‘If they smell blood, you get eaten.’ I’m not like that. I don’t care. Whether it’s a veteran or a young player standing in front of me I always have the same goal. I want to run over everybody.”

Okay yea, the Knicks need Mario in Madison Square Garden dunking on Gordon Hayward’s lame ass.

Here is the only problem with this signing: a 1-year ‘prove it’ deal helps literally every other team in the NBA except for the Knicks. His value is incredibly low right now and if he has a breakout year then this $6.5 million is the cheapest he’ll ever be.

Why not sign a 25-year old potential bucket-getter to a multi-year deal when he’s at his cheapest? The reward far outweighs the risk. Now if Mario goes OFF like I expect him to, he will be more expensive and more NBA teams will want him.

The only benefit is that he’ll fall in love with New York and when the Knicks inevitably strike out and can’t sign Kyrie Irving or Jimmy Butler next summer, Mario will be there ready and willing to re-up for half the price of those guys.

So will the Knicks beat the Warriors in 5 Games or a Sweep?

Knicks in 4.





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