Welcome to the New York Knicks, Mindaugas Kuzsminskas

The New York Knicks can’t stop, won’t stop winning NBA free agency. If you thought this team was stacked over the weekend, Phil Jackson just pulled the trigger on the sneaky biggest signing of the offseason with big Mindaugas Kuzsminskas, the GAWD.

Mindaugas is the MVP of the Lithuanian league thus joining former scoring champion and 2x Olympic Gold Medalist, Carmelo Anthony, former MVP, Derrick Rose  and future MVP, Kristaps Porzingis. The Knicks might put up 200 points per game and that’s just by halftime every night.

I cannot wait for the 2017 NBA playoffs when the Knicks go undefeated and Kristaps averages 60 points per game. Derrick Rose averages 20 assists. Brandon Jennings drops 30 off the bench. Carmelo doesn’t fuck up defensively. I’m HYPED.

I will see all of you at the Championship parade next summer. I’ll be the guy sneaking on to the Knicks float standing behind Kyle O’Quinn blackout drunk.

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