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New York Giants Select Cornerback Sam Beal in Supplemental Draft and He is Without a Doubt Already Better Than Eli Apple


The New York Giants went 3-13 last season in one of the worst seasons of my life. The New York Giants were unwatchable in 2017. Their defense would have been equally effective had they never even suited up and touched the field. Ben McAdoo was a bitch and lost the locker room. Etc.

It doesn’t help when second-year cornerback, Eli Apple, woke up one morning and decided he was going to be a garbage can. Eli Apple was benched after he was called out in the film room and he stormed off like a child.

He got fined for live tweeting while on the sidelines in the middle of a game. Then he was suspended when the team finally became fed up with his bitchassness. Then Landon Collins, the leader of the defense, called Eli a cancer. Oh, and he had zero interceptions and was consistently burned by every single wide receiver he lined up against.

Enter Sam Beal.

Sam Beal island existed when he played at Western Michigan. He allowed the lowest passer rating in the entire conference when opposing quarterbacks targeted him in coverage. That’s some peak Darrelle Revis-esque defense.

In his junior season at Western Michigan last year, Beal collected 26 tackles with 2 interceptions, a forced fumble and 10 pass breakups. Also, quick shout out to the New York Jets drafting the most turnover-prone quarterback available as Beal’s first career interception in college was against Sam Darnold at USC.

This pick instantly improves the Giants defense. Janoris Jenkins and Sam Beal out there is terrifying for opposing offenses. If you throw it towards Beal, it’s an incomplete pass. If you throw it towards Janoris Jenkins, it’s an interception. Good luck.





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