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New York Giants Hire Mike Shula As Offensive Coordinator Sooo They’re Going To A Bajillion Points a Game

“He’s an adult. He’s mature. He’s got wisdom. He’s very even-keeled,” general manager Dave Gettleman said of Shurmur, according to Dan Salomone of the team’s official website. “It really pays off. I’ve watched him on the sideline. He doesn’t get shook. He doesn’t get rattled. This is a job for a grownup.”

(Bleacher Report)

Mike Shula is the former offensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers and was fired after the 2017 season. Cam Newton struggled last year and they didn’t really light the world on fire offensively. Tough to blame Shula for the Panthers struggles when they had zero playmakers on the field. Name the two starting wide receivers for Carolina. Exactly.

In 2015, Shula’s offense led the league in points and he pretty much broke all of Carolina’s franchise scoring records. Cam Newton also walked away from that season with an MVP trophy and they marched to the Super Bowl.

I should mention, Mike Shula is an awful head coach. He went 10-23 head coaching Alabama football from 2003 and 2006 including going 0-6 in that final year before being fired.[1. he was actually 26-23 but they cheated and the NCAA vacated their wins.] Fortunately, Shula wasn’t hired as the head coach.

In fact, he’s not even in charge of calling the plays. That will be the job of Pat Shurmur, who made Sam Bradford and Case Keenum look like an MVPs in Minnesota last season. The combination of Pat Shurmur and Mike Shula is a godsend for Eli Manning is what will most likely be his final year behind center for the New York Giants.

Even if the keys to the offense are given to a rookie they draft this offseason, Shurmur and Shula know how to mold quarterbacks. The Giants finished 31st in offense last year. It’s impossible for them to be any worse.

I’ll see you all at the Super Bowl parade next February.




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