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New York Giants Apocalypse Update: The Team Hasn’t Even Scouted Dwayne Haskins

The Giants are not even very interested in taking the Ohio State quarterback with the No. 6 pick in the NFL Draft, according to ESPN host and anchor Dianna Russini.

Speaking on ESPN’s Breaking Big Blue podcast with Jordan Raanan, Russini said she first got the impression at the NFL Combine the Giants are not sold on Haskins from people inside the organization.

About a week after the Combine, I circled back with some people like, ‘What are you thinking Haskins? Do you guys like him? Do you think you are going for it with your No. 6 pick?” Russini said. “It was, ‘No, actually. We are not doing a lot of work on him.’

I spoke to a few people. I’ll paraphrase one: ‘He doesn’t fit with us.’ The idea that they are not going go after a quarterback with the No. 6 pick solidifies they are not giving up on Eli (Manning).”(Source)

So in the blink of an eye, the New York Giants and Cleveland Browns switched places. Cleveland is being penceled in as the AFC North winners and instant playoff team based off the smart decisions they’ve made over the last 18 months.

Meanwhile, the New York Giants have no idea what the fuck is going on.

They have a 38-year old quarterback who is among the worst starting quarterbacks in football and has been among the worst for about a half-decade now and instead of looking for his replacement, the Giants literally haven’t even scouted Dwayne Haskins.

Draft experts are saying that he’s the best QB available and the Giants haven’t even looked at his film. They can’t be bothered to find a new young quarterback to replace Eli because, and maybe you forgot so I’ll remind you, he won a Super Bowl eight years ago.

Not only are they doubling-down on Eli who is the WORST STARTER ON THEIR ROSTER but they traded away Odell, the one weapon Eli has that bails him by catching 5-yard slants when the ball is thrown behind him and then taking off for 70-yards thus giving Eli that 75-yard passing touchdown that he did not earn.

How the fuck have the Giants not even scouted Haskins? New York has a final exam in the morning and they’re out at the bar til 4am the night before ordering a round of shots when the lights come on.

The Giants are about to give Eli Manning a lifetime contract and use their two first round draft picks to select two running backs. The Giants are the new Cleveland Browns. I’m sick.




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