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Neil Walker is the New York Yankees First Baseman and Let’s All Pretend Like Greg Bird Never Happened

The Yankees offense stinks right now.

These hitters are allergic to base hits. Every single time the ball makes contact with their bats, it lands in a defender’s mitt. But not Neil Walker. No, Neil was biding his time waiting for his opportunity to rip one into the parking lot and he chose the biggest moment of the season to do it.

The Boston Red Sox were preparing to clinch the AL East at Yankee Stadium, which would have been the most embarrassing moment in my history of being a Yankees fan, Neil Walker stepped up to the plate in the bottom of the 7th inning with two runners on base down 0-1.

Andddd then Walker rocketed a bomb into the bleachers and that was the moment it became abundantly clear that Neil Walker needs to be in the lineup playing first base and if Greg Bird gets another at-bat this season, there will be war.

For the Luke Voit heads out there, yes, he is a gigantic man who can hit baseballs into outer space but he still hasn’t proven to be consistent enough to stay in the lineup daily. Neil Walker has a long career of successful at-bats and with a lineup full of kids who are proving to stink when the pressure is on them, Neil Walker is the veteran bat that Giancarlo Stanton was supposed to be.

So that’s that. When the playoffs start and Oakland storms into the Bronx, Neil Walker needs to be the starting first baseman. Luke Voit is the backup. And Greg Bird needs to be watching the game from a bar down the road. I don’t even want his bad talent in the dugout rubbing off on anyone anymore than it may already have.


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